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    Clean inside your wheel arches!

    very useful, thanks mate. Lots of people put this off.
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    The £80 Micra

    NGK’s, only ones i could think of
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    The £80 Micra

    Would reccomend higher grade plugs?
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    1 Litre to 1.4 swap micra k11

    You can run on the 1.0 ECU but will underfuel terribly at high revs.
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    The £80 Micra

    Just use a micra maf? You said you just had a warning light with the micra maf in? (if i’m not mistaken) Then again, you did say you were running the car at the Maf’s limit
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    Micra k11 Brake Upgrade Options

    I haven’t seen any ‘quick’ drum to disc brake conversions on a K11. I’ve seen a few in Japan, but of course, that’s Japan.
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    Clutch options

    I’ve heard people talk about Almera clutches being able to fit into the micra, so i was thinking about performance options?
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    The £80 Micra

    Mad. I love this project. Planning on doing something similar to this. Why don’t you stick with Tornado systems for the ECU?
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    First car. coil or dizzy?

    coil packs work better with certain mods
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    Help? K11 Turbo issue

    if your not in a custom map then it could be the ECU sending it into limp mode
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    brake discs

    Cheers. Do they fit with the stock calipers?
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    brake discs

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    brake discs

    What about upgrading the size?
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    brake discs

    Upgrading the stock discs
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    brake discs

    what aftermarket brake discs will fit a k1 micra?
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    autocross events in the south

    Perfect, thanks so much
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    autocross events in the south

    Note: This could be auto test, too. under 18 driving if available
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    autocross events in the south

    Hi, was wondering if there are any autocross events in the south? (south of london etc.) thanks
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    Have 1993 Micra need help!!!

    your not going to find an gem one. consider aftermarket?
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    K11 exhaust manifold wanted