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  1. mckenziecz

    F/S cool k11 bits

    this how it looks on a micra Roof rack, actual rack not just the bar. £30 collected k11 prefacelift headlight protectors. mint £15 posted k11 wind deflectors £20 posted 13x7 et-7 Starmags (deep dish desing) with tyres 175/60. some little curbing £150 they are 4x4 pcd, but...
  2. mckenziecz

    F/S K11 JDM dash pod, cup holder. Quick sale £40 posted

    normal grey colour. quick sale for 40 quid posted. hurry
  3. mckenziecz

    Electrical Help

    Hi guys, my misses has got a classic mini and she wanna wire in some extra accessories. She wants a cigarette lighter as well as little electrical heater. I will create little facia with some switches as well as the lighter. I will feed this fused straight from the battery to make sure the...
  4. mckenziecz

    head gasket fail?

    hey there, as some of you might know i bought guy's old 160sr for daily. i drove it other day and the temperature light came on. i pulled over as soon as i could. I check the water level and filled it up. about 2 liters. Since then the car wouldnt start and loads of steam is coming from the...
  5. mckenziecz

    160SR standard exhaust wanded

    Hi there, as some of you might know I bought Guy's old 160SR. It has stainless steel second catback system and it just isnt good for our use. Does anyone know where I can get 160sr exhaust apart from nissan? Does the 1.6 micra c+c exhaust fit? or maybe a note or the qashqai? I checked the part...
  6. mckenziecz

    F/S 4x League Retrostars 15x7.5 4x100 ET38 nearly new 165/50/15 £300

    Excellent condition. done under 1000 miles. no curbing, only one little mark from tyre fitter. nangang tyres. collection from RH6. can deliver within 100miles for petrol money O759O670584
  7. mckenziecz

    Your favorite beer?

    Everyone loves beer or cidre so I want know what are people really drinking. Your favorite beer or cider, Ale or Lager. Try to post a pic. My fav
  8. mckenziecz

    F/S K11 go fast bits

    2.6kg custom made k11 lighten flywheel. the best mod you will do to your car. £120 ono SOLD Apexi SAFC super air flow converter. Easy to install. comes with instructions £50 SOLD Also have Frankspeed manifold with empty first cat. Painted with high temperature paint...
  9. mckenziecz

    K10 with snapped cambelt help

    I just bought a k10 on ebay that had the cambelt snapped. It has been since replaced but there is a damage to the valves? What would be the easiest think to do? Take the head of see it there is any damage to the pistons. New gasket, Swap the whole cylinder head for new one and then just put it...
  10. mckenziecz

    F/S 1996 Nissan Micra SR £700

    MOT till 31st January 2013, No tax, New HT leads, cap, Rotor arm, Thermostat, Four good tyres ans brand new spare, 3 keys, Cross member has been replaced, Sills welded (good job), Nice and tidy for age, 100k DVD Player, 4 speakers, New battery, Nice and Clean engine bay, Original tool kit and jack.
  11. mckenziecz

    Arch Rolling Rental £35

    Arch rolling rental for £35 for maximum of week which is incredibly good value. Can be supplied with heat gun if needed. I'll get it post it to you and you will have to post it to me back. It will come with simple instructions. It's very easy to use, but requires patience and right technique...
  12. mckenziecz

    Nissan Fast Software

    can someone run this trough nissan fast and send a screen shot back please. thanks
  13. mckenziecz

    Braking K11 March, All parts available,

    I am braking my mums car. All parts available! Few aftermarket bits. Engine, about 100k still strong £40ono Gearbox with shafts, £25 ono Instruments, £15 ono Momo Barumi woden steering wheel with nissan boss £60 ono Nismo Gearnob £10 ono Nismo Grill £50 ono March Tail lights £25ono March tail...
  14. mckenziecz

    F/S Nissan Micra SR/March G# Alloys with tyres

    I got set on my march G#, same as SR. good condition, good tyres. The wheels got no chunks missing and no kerb damage at all. They got some brake dust on them but it cleans really well with wonder wheel and i could possibly do it. You can see them cleaned up in the first pics All 4 tyres are...
  15. mckenziecz

    F/S Staggered set of 13" Wolfrace slot mags 7 and 6

    Ill start off with the pictures 7j 6J 8 extended studs for rears spigots, spacer and 60 degree tapper washers Shaun has got very similar setup on his car. here is couple of pics now about the wheels 1x 7x13 et5 4x4" (4x101.6) This wheel is used on the narrow side of the car after...
  16. mckenziecz

    F/S Nissan March k11 tail lights. two pairs

    First pair is the original zenki lights. They are of the March G#. excellent condition £40 ono +postage --------------------------- Second pair is this clear lights. Rare to find. Good condition. they can look like this with bit of tint :D £40 ono +postage
  17. mckenziecz

    snapped clutch cable

    Since I did the conversion the clutch has been really heavy, so not surprisingly the cable let go. I had to drive about 3 miles without clutch :( It's so bloody heavy that my mum can't even drive the car because her muscles ache after the ride, which is quite good as she doesn't wanna drive it...
  18. mckenziecz

    F/S Viscous LSD with shafts £150 or no + postage or local pick up. Swaps possible.

    I got the LSD from the auto box after I did the conversion. It comes with the right shafts allthough the outer CV joints dont have boots. Comes with the final drive ring too. thx
  19. mckenziecz

    Is this viscous limited slip differential?

    as above? Is this viscous limited slip differential? is it even possible to make it fit in normal UKDM gearbox? thanks
  20. mckenziecz

    misfire / rough idle isue

    hey guys, the car has slight misfire since i bought it and it seems to be getting worse. It seems to be all the way through the revs, under acceleration or just cruising. Sometimes its fine sometimes it bad. I have tried to solve the problem but there is one last thing I can think of. afm? I...