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  1. martinb

    Stance whats right??

    Hi guys tied between two options Still undecided on what look?? What you reckon In the arch Or my old cars with flush/poke with arch Hmm I cant decide
  2. martinb

    White pre facelift march manual

    As above looking for one, , must be 3door and manual and not smashed up. Or only replaceable panel damage Let me know please The more poverty basic spec the better! !
  3. martinb

    Oh dear what am I doing!!!?

    Hello fellow msc'rs For those of you that know me and previous cars/build threads you will know the love I have for these cars... I have had many and lost or sold all of them Well a fortnight ago I sold my mx5 turbo which I had been building and despite resisting to getting another car I find...
  4. martinb

    Jdm style white boot, rev counter, super s windows

    Hi all long time since I've been on here ;) Just remembered I've got all this in my shed for sale White jdm styled super s boot Was freshly resprayed in 326 artic white (forgive me if that infos off, from what I can remember that's the colour code) Has k10 nipples and square plate Has been...
  5. martinb

    Bride seat, rail and harness

    Hi guys had a change of heart and have reverted back to stock seat in the roadster Please bear in mind it's old but very sought after Came from Japan in a ps13 and I paid alot of money for it It has a ripped on side but has been sown up In generally good condition (see pics) Comes ready to...
  6. martinb

    Last black bits super s

    Few more bits Pick up only Black super s boot with spoiler £10 Black bonnet with pins, pop riveted on but no pin stalks (left them on car ...doh) has no lock £10 Rear super s pop out windows £20 may post if serious buyer Mint, I will clean before hand, comes with all bolts and...
  7. martinb

    13 x 7 et 6 4 x 100 ultralites

    Hi guys wheels for sale now too small lol Could do a swap with some dishy 15s so let me know There not mint, the stupid tyre fitter scrapped the rim whilst fitting them and the clearcoat is starting to bubble, some of the black has been chipped off 4x 100 not mini fitment Tyres 165/55/13...
  8. martinb

    **EPIC** for sale thread

    Can't remember who asked me for Dibs so I'll start again This is final, want something else, will be stripping car over next few days Wheels not for sale Everything else is Rokkor coilovers , front AND rear shocks - all bolts and fittings, straight bolt on and come with c spanners etc ...
  9. martinb

    Ga16 lamba sensor

    Hi guys, do they fit? Are the wires the same?cheers
  10. martinb

    Drift allstars/jdm allstars wembley 17th

    Anyone going? My mate Matt Chiappa is competing, he's along side James Deane with the low brain drifters !! £15 entry on the door, can't wait an awesome event See more here
  11. martinb

    Martins mrs new car!!

    After months and months of grinding down and trying to prove it's worth she finally accepted Picked it up last night Fsh 34,000 Every receipt etc Intense blue 1.0 s These are the pics from the for sale ad Ive since added kiddie seats, an air freshener and polished half of it last night...
  12. martinb

    **k11 turbo kit**

    hi guys, turbo kit up for sale please check here or copy and paste if link isnt working 220847092491 many thanks:o
  13. martinb

    Sad times :(

    Breaking car unless offers on whole thing? It's killing me to do this but things are serious now and can't go food shopping or pay all of the bills, I've got my car sitting here and don't or won't have the cash to finish it, let alone insure tax etc Breaks my heart but here we go...
  14. martinb

    Help needed rear brake hose

    Hi guys have a hole in rear passenger side brake hose Any one got one lying around for cheap please?
  15. martinb

    Martinbs blog

    Hi guys anyone now where my blogs gone...? Cheers
  16. martinb

    *K11 turbo kit for sale*

    Evening guys :) Right having a change about and selling the t2 turbo and ancillaries It's originally from a fiesta rs turbo and in very good condition internally with no play and no smoky smoky :) The manifold is a frankspeed manifold with a custom ford t2 flange on I have the fiesta rs...
  17. martinb

    Anyones on here!??

    Just seen this on the way into the cafe :)
  18. martinb

    Marring bits for sale

    Martinb's bits for sale look Evening all, few bits to sell to fund my oh so lovely gas and electric bills!! Need as much as possible but not asking alot as need the cash Price is without postage, collection preferred but obviously will send ;) Ok so here it goes Cg13de re manufactured...
  19. martinb

    [SOLD] K11 1.0 auto

    For my sister, must be below £1000 or very close to it In south London but don't wanna travel to Manchester etc Let me know please Has to be auto only Thanks
  20. martinb

    Martinb21 super s for sale

    Breaking but will sell whole Wheels and seat staying Offers please