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    3 warning lights on Micra Dig-S 2011

    Hi guys! Recentlyt, I´ve had a problem with warning lights appearing on the display of my car. It runs good, but the lights has been on/off for a couple of weeks now, see the pic below! Spoke to a mechanic friend, he said that it could be a simple problem, like a malfunktion i a brake sensor or...
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    Remove door panels Micra K13 2011

    Hi! I´m going to change the poor speakers in my Micra Dig-S 2011. Anyone who has removed the front door panels on this model? Have tried to find a guide, but haven´t found any. Have seen the screws on the armrests. Are there any more screws or is the panel fixed with clips? Cheers! /Microben
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    Camshaft valve solenoid Micra Dig-s 2011

    Hi! My car indicates a P0011 fault code, seems to be the camshaft valve solenoid. I have searched the web to find out where it´s position in the engine is and where to buy one. Didn´t find it on Ebay. Anyone got any idea? Over a months wait to the car mechanics now during the summer.... Best...
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    Fault code reader

    I need a fault code reader for my Micra Dig-s 2011, K13. Any ideas of which interface that fits my car? Any suggestions of a nice diagnostics tool? /Microben1
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    Read fault codes Micra Dig-s

    Hi! I have a Micra Dig-s K13, that is 5 years old now. Recently, the yellow Engine lamp was lit up. The Auto lamp also starts to flash after a while. The car runs, but very poorly, it looses almost all power. Is there a way the read the fault codes on this car without any diagnostics tool? I...
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    Oil maintenance alert?

    Hi! I have a Micra Dig-S 2011. Recently, an alert popped up on the screen, "Oil maintenance". I´ve did a DIY-service on the car in November (changed the oil, oil filter, air filter and cabin filter). I used Mobil1 oil with the correct viscosity. Maybe I have to reset the servicealert on the...
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    Change cabin air filter?

    Hi! I own a Micra K13 2011 Dig S and I want the change the cabin air filter. I haven´t found any good videos on Youtube how to change it. Has anyone here changed the filter? Do I have to dismantle the glove compartment to reach it? Best regards, Microben, Sweden.