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    Boot/Petrol Release Mechanism.

    Recently decided to install one of these onto my K11C.....May have destroyed some of the mechanism in the process of removing it at the scrappy....this bit. Do other Nissans have the same mechanism, primarily the 'stand off' thing on the fuel part or do I need to keep hunting yards for a K11...
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    K11 2000 Washer Jet mod.

    Hi. Recently purchased these, as suggested by someone on here, to replace the water pistol style old ones on the Micra. Love the horizontal spray vs the 2 jets of water BUT......the originals have clips which hold them onto the bonnet vs these having f' all. How have you guys resolved this...
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    Adam's K11 Facelift Blog.

    My little car came to me/my partner by way of both my parents passing. It's a 2000 K11c, or so I believe? I am NO expert as some very kind people on here can confirm :) Anyways, it's got about 112,000 on the clock(seems strong in general), has had the MAF on the throttle body replaced and now...
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    Facelift K11C Front and Rear Badge Removal.

    Hi....finally starting to attack the car, cosmetically to begin with as, it is a daily runner and seems fairly sorted, for now! I want to remove and replace both badges with the smaller ones. I know the rear one is glued on, assuming the front one is too? What is the best way to get this off...
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    Noob :)

    Hello everyone, my name is Adam....residing in sunny Kent with my better half and our animals. I have an X reg K11(Obviously) and am about to 'attack' the washer pump tomorrow. The pump is dead...Checked the fuse, no noise anymore to suggest it is working etc. The car is of sentimental value...