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  1. J

    oil cap stuck

    the oil cap on my k11 micra seems to be seized on. not urgently needed to be removed but would be nice to have it accessible. suggestions? and where can I get replacement ones? thanks :)
  2. J

    engine performance

    ive got a 99 k11 micra, just wanting to know how what can I do to squeeze abit more power out of it without turboing it. I don't mind spending money just not hundreds. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you :)
  3. J


    Hey, soon to be k11 micra owner. Already have some ideas for it. I don't have the biggest budget so just want some ideas from you guy. I plan on getting pro bomb back box and centre silencer, X brace and front and front upper brace. it's still on steelies and want them gone immediately:LOL...