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  1. Will3

    Insane K11 from Sweden

    Just wanted to share this, 3.5L BMW engine and rearwheel drive, it's beyond crazy.
  2. Will3

    Wanted: K10 Super S tacho or complete dials!

    I want to buy a K10 Super S tacho or a complete set of dials with housing for a fair price!
  3. Will3

    What gearboxes fit the CGxxDE and CG3DE?

    Since my micra will be boosted in the future i would like to know what gearboxes will fit, from the 1.8L primera maybe?
  4. Will3

    K11 fuel pump in K10 tank?

    Will the K11 fuel pump fit in the K10 tank? i would prefer to modify the tank as little as possible, if i have to use an external pump i would have to fit a bigger outlet on the tank,.
  5. Will3

    Will3's Micra K10 CGxxx

    This is the project car, with MA10S now, plan to put either a CG13DE or CGA3DE (boosted), but i shall begin using ha CG10DE as a dummy. Along with my winter car, Mercedes-Benz 230E 91' automatic, was going to boost this but didnt feel it was worth buying a MS for it.
  6. Will3

    CG10 (1994) ECU pin-out?

    Im looking for a pinout for the ecu, so i know what is fuelpump, ignition etc.
  7. Will3

    Micra K10 CG10/13 Swap

    So ive finally decided to go with the CG10/13 swap instead of GA16DE, since it will be alot easier, and there are many benefits with the CG engine, alot lighter so cornering won't be ruined, not that it matters anyway since the car is going to be stanced, and not a track car. So far ive come...
  8. Will3

    Disc brakes in the rear?

    Im wondering if anyone has mounted disc brakes in the rear instead of the ghetto ass drums?
  9. Will3

    GE16DE gearbox and driveshafts?

    I plan to fit a GE16DE in my 86 K10 this winter, and would like to know what geardbox and driveshafts i should use.