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  1. Pete

    1.2 Suntop Restoration by PP7

    Oh my this looks pretty. The effort going into it is superb. Pete
  2. Pete

    why did you use that user name for?

    As if I was ever away! I even had an MSC sticker on my second to last car (not a micra). I've got an itching for another K10 but I don't have the space. Hi James, Hi SR, Hi anyone else in their late twenties onwards who might remember me...
  3. Pete

    why did you use that user name for?

    There were only ever me, micra Pete and backwards name Peter R!
  4. Pete

    why did you use that user name for?

    Well... My username used to be ma12 :) as my first micra was a 1.2 K10 but at some point when the forum got updated I realised that whoever had registered as "Pete" had never actually used the log in so O asked if I could hae it when we moved over and that's that! Oh and my name is Pete
  5. Pete

    Seized by the Police K11 Super S for sale on ebay

    Half the money goes to the govt and half the money goes into the police budget so yes this is one of the few times where the police force (not officers) benefit from dealing with criminals. It's not an easy process and the police have to apply to a magistrate at various points.
  6. Pete

    Cbr600 carb

    If someone is willing to pick up from Rotherham/Barnsley I could sell mine. I'll have a look at value & get some pics up when I can. If I forget to do it can someone remind me please
  7. Pete

    Seized by the Police K11 Super S for sale on ebay

    R-reg-sr, poca allows for things bought with the proceeds of crime to be seized. If someone makes money by selling drugs but puts that money into cars or property knowing that if they are caught they'll have the property or car to come back to once they've served their time then they've still...
  8. Pete

    Good low mileage ma10 engine for sale

    damn not being able to edit/delete posts, ignore above. It's late and I didn't read it right.
  9. Pete

    Good low mileage ma10 engine for sale

    £70? what kind of condition? would it be okay to put on the road with minimal input?
  10. Pete

    Shell Fuelsave

    I know you're not interested but I've noticed a 2-3mpg increase using shell fuel save in my French farmers car. It's an ancient engine design but it seems to work well with this fuel. It's got a little less power though which is the opposite of what I'd expect. I've bunged a tank of morrisons...
  11. Pete

    Can i have a simple audio Sytem

    That's a nice solution, slightly different grey but very well done.
  12. Pete

    why did you use that user name for?

    I remember when he first told us what his name meant and we all went "ahhhh that makes sense" Mine is my name, back in't day it used to be "MA12:-)" the engine code of my first K10 and when I joined there was already a micra_pete (love you man).
  13. Pete

    Free Solar Panels

    Lol installed within an hour of j36 of the M1... Thats my junction! on a bad day it'd take an hour to get a couple of junctions either way!
  14. Pete

    1987 Be-1 restore project

    Lucky as I probably won't be at JAE then, lol. Nice to see a BE-1 on the road though.
  15. Pete

    1987 Be-1 restore project

    I'm going to stick my neck out here, that car looked lovely standard. Engine upgrade wise I wouldn't put anything more than an MA10T from a figaro.
  16. Pete

    KayTen graphics?

    That looks flipping amazing, almost as naff as a proper nissan job! do it.
  17. Pete


    don't forget old beemers are dirt cheap anyway. A neighbour of Alex's bought a 92 reg three series for £100, bargain.
  18. Pete

    K10 Knocking Sound On Left Bends?

    Clunk clunk clunk goes the cv joint, they are basically the bend in the driveshaft to allow the wheels to move relative to the gearbox. If they loose grease or dirt gets in the joint can deteriorate very quickly. We had an inner CV joint do that for three years on a 205, easy fix dripping in a...
  19. Pete

    For Pao, Figaro, be-1 and s-cargo fans

    As you lot know I'm a Citroën nut as well as a micra fan, well Nissan released a couple of 2cv inspired designs, as such cars like the s-cargo turn up to our meets. This website has been redone and seems to make mention of the above so feel free to take a look...
  20. Pete

    jdm head unit??

    I should imagine that you'd stuggle with a K11 as it'd foul on the dash supports and all the switches etc. That is if you're talking about a double DIN unit. If you're talking about fitting an actual JDM unit, I wouldn't bother, the FM radio band is narrower over there so you're likely to miss...