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    Hi Guys - Old member back

    Hi everyone. Need a little help please. I used to have this.... That went in 2007 (SORN and gathering rust on uncles driveway) and got myself a non jap car (sorry :oops:) However I've now bought another micra as a little run...
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    Members Rides...

    Not been on here for a while. website has changed a bit. can't find the pics of members rides section...can anyone post a link. im probably being blind.
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    Powercoil springs

    Hi guys I have not been on this website for a while and not posted on here for very long time since leaving the Micra scene back in 2006/2007 ish. Some of you may remember me, others won't but I did do a few mods (nothing major) to my K11 back in the day. Anyways the car has been sitting...
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    Is this Titch's car?
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    Golf is now looooooow...

    makes a huge huge difference lowering it. Becareful you dont lower it too much at the front cos I think the oil sump if i remember correctly is already sitting way too low and will catch on bumps. looks much nicer now, only thing I would do now is get rid of the mud guards, and ive put 10mm...
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    Pics of the new car

    Here ya go, pics of my golf mark 4, lowered on coilovers, but not set too low for the moment. Getting the track widened this weekend, and throwing about a grands worth of qaulity I.C.E in there shortly, and re-mapping it. Must say a very very big difference from my micra.
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    Few new pics of the golf...

    nice micra man, i got the same golf, but in black and a few other different bits, but same car really. I got mine on coilovers yesterday. well worth the money. also gonna get it re-mapped by REVO soon, pushing it up to 225bhp. ill let you know how that goes. oh and ill try and get some pics...
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    Cheeky piece of dangerous driving... actaully an M3, not an M5 as the video title claims.
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    Future of the micra?!

    Not posted on here for ages but Ive too moved on to bigger better things. Like micra man I now own and drive a Golf Mark 4 1.8 Turbo (180bhp version). Some people will remember me and some have even seen me, I did love my micra once upon a time ago, I was young then, with little money thus...
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    Recommend some alloys...

    where you from gurpreet? i got some rims for sale, let me join the club first, then ill put some pics up. if u cant wait, then theres some pics in the K11 members photos section, the fifth page. Blue micra. cant miss it. cos its the one with the smartest rims on the whole thread. :) yeh but...
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    Nismo long hub bolts...

    long time no see yeh Nex. Thing is i have a love hate relationship for my micra...If I LOVE it, then ill be on here posting threads etc, If i HATE it then ill do the exact opposite, you wont see me much on here. SO for a very long time ive HATED it. yeh thanks for the japanparts mention, i...
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    Nismo long hub bolts...

    ...does anyone know if you can get them in the UK. I know you can get them from Japan/USA but can't be bothered with all that. Theres two types, 50mm and 60mm. So Anyone know of a company that imports them here?? Thanks if anyone can help
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    power steering as standard?

    yeh so did i. maybe it was made standard towards the end of 1998. soo thats what, T registration onwards right?
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    k11 "Chrome" Accessories. Bargain!

    oh yeh, after ive put the grills on, im gonna have to see how it looks and i may consider buying those handles, but not definite though. ill have to see how the grills look first. dont want it too OTT.
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    k11 "Chrome" Accessories. Bargain!

    phew thanks rob, ill let u know when i get it. cheers again, and yeh soz bout the previous 2 posts.
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    k11 "Chrome" Accessories. Bargain!

    Ro and what about the other grill?!! what the hell is a man gonna do with the left side of the grill?? ur picture indicates 2 grills for sale, so it was assumed that it was both for sale. wheres the other half of the grill that ive paid for??
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    Boot release cable.

    the swtich is integrated into the gold coloured lock on the underside of the boot lid.
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    Boot light

    the switch or whatever that turns the light on and off upon opening and closing the boot door, is actaully the locking mechanism itself. open the boot and ull see the locking mechanism (the gold coloured lock) held on by 2 bolts (on the boot lid itself). Now whether its all already wired up...
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    Top of the range k11 for sale!! 1.4se+

    Rob you'd be crazy to sell a micra of this calibre for £2800. check and you'll see what i mean. they got 1.0 "S", complete basics on there for £3000.