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  1. ollie240585

    Red Dwarf

    Did anyone see the new episode on Dave? Such a dissappointment, hopefully it is a lead to something bigger and better in the following episodes. What's your thoughts?
  2. ollie240585

    SR20 + Gearbox + Turbo + Ancillaries

    Gauging Interest in the following SR20DE Engine (From a Nissan Primera GT) Pulsar Manifold + T28 Turbo SR20 Gearbox SR20 Drive Shafts SR20 engine mounts All ancillaries still on engine - Dizzy, Alternator, Power Steering, Air Con Pump etc Front Mount Intercooler and Intercooler piping...
  3. ollie240585

    Fox 15" Alloys

    Excellent condition 15" fox alloy wheels. Could do with these gone as they are no use to me as they are the wrong PCD for either of my remaining cars. 4 tyres all decent 3 toyos 1 .... i don't know I haven't got time to post them so pick up only from kent (SE England). Offers...
  4. ollie240585

    Childhood Memories on DVD

    Got bored on and was looking at random stuff. Found some cool stuff which reminded me of my childhood. Thinking maybe possible Xmas pressie ideas. hehe.
  5. ollie240585

    Onion Turbo Blog

    Think this is the third time i've put this up due to the server problems, but heres my WIP 1989 MKII Ford Orion GHIA Mods to Date: Escort RS Turbo Engine with wiring loom, inter cooler, metering unit, radiator, manifolds, Garett T3 Turbo, Bailey Dump Valve, Silicon Boost Hoses, crackle...
  6. ollie240585


    I'm looking at tyres at the moment. I'm looking at maybe getting Yoko Paradas or Toyo T1rs. This is for my MKII Orion 1.6 Turbo, running roughly 130 BHP....for the moment. So i want something good. Its currently sitting on Spax Shocks and springs -25mm drop all round and fully poly...
  7. ollie240585

    Scooby Tribute to Colin

    Just came across this on the RS Owners Club. Fantastic work by the scoobie guys!!!!! R.I.P Colin
  8. ollie240585

    Fox 15" Alloys

    Selling my old 15" Fox Alloys.
  9. ollie240585

    k11 Pre-Facelift Bodykit

    Right, could do with getting rid of this now. Most of you know what it looked like on the car either in the flesh or photos. The side skirts will need a touch, but you'd want to blend them into the doors shuts and spray them so this shouldn't be a problem. The rear bumper has a tiny...
  10. ollie240585

    N64 Voltage

    Does anyone know the voltage of a Nintendo 64?? I am planning to re-wire a nintendo 64 to run direct off of a 12 volt car battery but am unsure of the voltage. I am after the voltage on the output of the transformer if anyone knows this, i'd hazard a guess it'll be printed on the...
  11. ollie240585

    Ollies New Car

    Well guys, after Pod, James and I drove to somewhere in Essex in which I met a guy from NPOC, to cut a long story short, I am buying a Primera GT and am picking it up next weekend. And now some pictures So what y'all think???
  12. ollie240585

    Next South Meet Ideas

    Right guys n gals, after the success of todays meet, I think we need to organise another. I was thinking sometime in End of June, Beginning of July, Basically the mid point between now and JAE. Was thinking somewhere a bit further north, closer to the M25 to make it a bit better for the...
  13. ollie240585

    An Easier GA16 fitment

    Right guys, have some information which may make the GA16 engine, more of a popular conversion. A lot of people at the moment don't like the idea of fitting the GA16 due to custom drive shafts. I currently have a GA16 with GA16 Fly and Clutch, bolted up to a CG13 Gearbox. If the engine can...
  14. ollie240585

    FAO: Brighton Meet People

    In a couple of weeks I am competing in a 24 hour relay race to raise money for Cancer Research. I lost my Dad to cancer, so if I can raise some money to help in the cure of this horrible disease, I don't mind giving 24 hours of my life...
  15. ollie240585

    PES Or Mariokart?

    Tough decision which i can't make on my own. Do I buy Pro Evo Soccer or MarioKart for the Wii?? I can't decide!!!
  16. ollie240585

    Golf VR6

    Not a Micra, but small, fast and reliable!!! 1995 N Reg VW Golf VR6 2.8 110k Miles (nothing for this engine) Dragon Green Metallic Full Leather Interior BBS Alloys (Standard) Taxed & Tested Loads of history, just had new fuel pump less than a month ago Looking for £1500 OVNO If...
  17. ollie240585

    After Advice from GA16 K11 owners

    How have you guys fitted the top engine mount on your K11s? Have you gone for customising the top mount by removing the weld, cutting it in half and re-welding it or another way? If I can get my way up and running it could make the whole 1.6 K11 process a lot easier! Cheers Ollie
  18. ollie240585

    On of them weeks!!!

    Do you ever have one of them weeks where nothing ever seems to go right? In the past 6 days, I have managed to destroy the distributor in the Orion, blow the head gasket AND heater matrix in the Micra!!! Perhaps I should give up with cars and use my push bike....oh no wait my chain is...
  19. ollie240585

    Brighton Marina 26th April Confirmation List

    Can you please confirm if you are deffinately coming, would like a definitive list by the weekend so i can phone and book up the bowling: I'm only after a confirmation whether you are coming or not, and if you are bowling or not. Might even be good to see what Cars are coming too. Just after...
  20. ollie240585

    K10 or K11

    Am looking for a run around, either a K10 or K11, not fussed about road tax but would like MOT until June/July. Must be road worthy/easily repairable Not too bothered if 1.0, 1.2 or 1.3. Wanting to spending as little as possible as it is just going to be a run around whilst other things...