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  1. Tornado

    A quick Q...rear light removal.

    Thanks Mika, appreciate it, I'll give it a go tomorrow if it stops raining. Ever wonder why Ireland is so green? Yep, plenty of rain. :cool:
  2. Tornado

    On the button cold but if stalled or stopped hard to restart.

    Hmmm. I live on a bit of a slope, and parked nose down for once, lo and behold, I could do repeted starts from cold. There are some reports of K12s having fuel flowing back to the tank when parked nose up. Curious.
  3. Tornado

    A quick Q...rear light removal.

    So the rear light cluster is held by two 10mm bolts, but there is a hidden clip too. Do I pull the assembly straight back, or tilt it or what? There is some condensation in there I'd like to get rid of. Thanks.
  4. Tornado

    Micra Urban Van.

    By the way Mika, did you know that Finn Mac Cool is a much loved Irish mythological hunter/warrior?
  5. Tornado

    Micra Urban Van.

    Have you tried silicone/rubber rejuvenator on the door seals? If it's the lock, I dunno, silicone oil maybe? (Course you have, don't mind me).
  6. Tornado

    K12 '03 5 door boggo speaker quality?

    Hi, my new-to-me K12 sounds ok with a Sony head unit, wondering about cheap upgrades, I have 2 6x9 out of my lamented K11, wish I still had the pillar tweeters. Are the standard speakers blaupunkt and not too bad? RMS power rate? Looking for an clear, balanced sound, no mega bass or that kind of...
  7. Tornado

    Micra K12 - Is it 65 or 80 hp ??

    Dunno, you could try dropping into your local motor factor and give them the reg? Or phone your nearest Nissan dealer. The insurance people will have the info too, I bet. Enjoy the car, well wear, as they say around here.
  8. Tornado

    On the button cold but if stalled or stopped hard to restart.

    She starts fine from cold but if stalled or stopped v. hard to restart. Starts very nicely even very cold and ticks over grand, runs fine too but can cut out in slow traffic, maybe my fault, or if I switch off it's very reluctant to start again for some minutes. Then she runs well again. Once...
  9. Tornado

    So, how do you get out of your car?

    Nice drive, I blinked and misses the getting out bit. Nearly. Anyway, Mrs.T., who is very wise, tells me she swings both feet onto the ground and just stands up. Who'd have thought? I think I'll try that method. Maybe get one of those swivel cushions? Heresy and immediate revocation of MSC...
  10. Tornado

    Speedo under reads?

    Went back to the garage, showed him pix of revs and speedo being out of sync, he went for a spin with his OBD2 plugged in and managed to get the speedo pretty close to where it should be. Somehow. Cool, that's a relief.
  11. Tornado

    So, how do you get out of your car?

    Ok, thanks, that's a thought.
  12. Tornado

    Halfords Magnatec offer. (3rd January 2021)

    I see the above deal at €20.66 euro or Sterling equivalent. Just sayin'.
  13. Tornado

    So, how do you get out of your car?

    Silly, I know do YOU get out? My previous K11 was a three door, the B pillar was further back so my right hand would go to the door frame where B met the floor, and I'd leaver myself out. My K12 is a five door so the B pillar is further to the front, making that more awkward. Perhaps...
  14. Tornado

    Speedo under reads?

    Thanks, wheels and tyres seem standard 165/70/r14. Tyres are an unusual brand, and a little perished but even so. Speedo seems out 10% or thereabouts . Can they be recallibrated on th K12? I think it's mechanical, maybe a different cog at the gearbox end? Garage I bought from says GPS is not...
  15. Tornado

    Speedo under reads?

    Hi, my new-to-me 2003 K12 1.0 speedometer seem to under read, compared to the revs and GPS. (I read the car is geared 18.6 mph per 1k rpm.) At 2k rpm the clock says 33mph, should say 37 or so. At 2.5k rpm, speedo 40, should be 46. My GPS can be hard to lock on, but when it does it seems to say...
  16. Tornado

    Paint falling off in patches!

    Hi, my new to me 2003 K12 in blue has paint missing in patches, right down to the galvanised metal. I'll get a rattle can of the right colour made up, will I need primer on first? I don't expect a perfect finish, just tidy it up a bit and stop it getting worse. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions...
  17. Tornado

    HELLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is my first post.

    Hi, welcome, check for rust, enjoy!
  18. Tornado

    Advice about cleaning.

    Bumpitty bump... I have a newly acquired (two days ago) '03 K12, and started to give the grubby interior a decent clean. When it came to the door panels exactly like those pictured above, I could not decide was it a pale panel with dirt down in the recesses of the grain, or a dark panel with...
  19. Tornado

    VIDEO: How To Set The Clock (Nissan Micra K11)

    Or just leave it for six months....
  20. Tornado

    Oh dearie me!

    That's an idea, a nice bit of stainless steel there.