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  1. GuyH08

    Have a rant.. Let it all out! next time you feel the need to have a rant then visit this website and let it out like everyone else.. iPhone app avaliable soon too :)
  2. GuyH08

    My cars for sale!

    Cars for sale.. Look at my blog for photos... £450.... cars done 30k miles... Ring for more details...need a quick sale guys! 07970352089 :)
  3. GuyH08

    Broken sun roof

    Hi, Anyone had to fix a sunroof before? Mines broke :( I have to replace one of the runners in the track, but cant see how to remove/replace the old one? Thanks Guy
  4. GuyH08

    Really Random! Anyone know about MG Midget / Austin Healy Sprite?

    My dad has just given me his kit car which is based on a MG Midget/Austin Healy Sprite... But it needs a new clutch/break master cylinder.. anyone know anything about where to get them? I know its a long long long shot.. but worth a tryy :P Cheers
  5. GuyH08

    iPhone forum layout?

    Is there a way to change the layout of the forum to make it more iPhone friendly? Thanks
  6. GuyH08

    Fitted Bucket Seats :)

    I have fitted my bucket seats, Feel free to look on my blog (link on signature) Thankyou :)
  7. GuyH08

    Janspeed Manifold or Cams?

    What would be best for performance... Janspeed manifold - £170 i think Piper Cams - £200 ish i will eventually do both, but not sure what one 1st :glare: Cheer
  8. GuyH08

    Value of standard seats?

    I'v curently fitted bucket seats so i have no need for my standard ones, they've had 24,000 miles of use, and have had seat covers on from the day it was bought in 1997. The seats/mechanism are in PEFECT condition. How much do you think they are both worth? Cheers Guy
  9. GuyH08

    Bucket Seat Fixings

    I Have been offered some as new bucket seats for £100 they are Corbeau seats but i will need some brackets to fit them... anyone know here these are avaliable? or if there is a way to DIY it? Many Thanks
  10. GuyH08

    Value of my car?

    Right.. if i was to sell how much do you think i would get for it? Its a Red K11, 1996/7, 1.3Gx Good points ONLY 15,000 miles on the clock from new! FULL NISSAN service history Interior immaculate Drives beautifull Bad points small dent in wing Scratch on other wing slightly...
  11. GuyH08

    What car?

    Right i have been thinking about a new car for a while...dont worry i will keep the micra too :D Basically i want something new-ish... with air con..and nice things like that :) Want a hothatch...something sporty..but i am only cant be crazy fast because i wont get insured :( Was...
  12. GuyH08

    If my car was yours what would you do to it?

    I fancy some big changes to my car, i thought about selling it and buying a honda civic ek9, but thought i would rather spend the money on the micra, so, not too bothered about performance...but what would you do to the looks mainly? I am lookin to spend about £2,000 over the period of...
  13. GuyH08

    Blog Update! Lowered

    Got pics of my car now its lowered :d Check out last page/post on my blog guys (Y) Link is in my sig below :)
  14. GuyH08

    Where is the best place to get to the fuel pump wire?

    like the title states, where is the best place to get to the fuel pump wire? Cheers people (Y)
  15. GuyH08

    Adjusting break bias after lowering

    Adjusting break bias after lowering?? I have read that you need to re adjust the break bias after lowering your car, apparently micras have a device that changes the bias depending on how the car is pointing (nose up or down) and aparently after lowerig it you need to re adjust it? Thanks...
  16. GuyH08

    Fuel Pump Relay?

    Could someone tell me where the fuel pump relay is please? Cheers
  17. GuyH08

    Sports Steering Wheel...Whats needed

    Hi guys and girls, if i was to have a sprts steering wheel what would i need appart from the wheel. Will all wheels fit? Cheers (Y)
  18. GuyH08

    Matthew Humphris Avaliability

    Hi, does anyone know if matt (MPH) is avaliable in his office over the weekend? Cheers
  19. GuyH08

    Just Ordered 50mm Springs

    Just ordered 50mm lowering springs from Matt, Cant wait for them to arrive (monday)! What a great bloke Matt is! so helpfull with everything, top man (Y) Will get some pics up on my blog when fitted :grinning:
  20. GuyH08

    35mm or 50mm Lowering

    What would you reconmend. 35mm Lowering or 50mm Lowering springs? i want to improve the handlind and looks, i want it to be noticable, can you notice a 35mm drop? Cheers