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  1. eltaylor001

    Great North Run

    Hiya Folks Sorry not been round for a while. I've been in the throws of moving down south to London for new job. Not online much at the mo as I'm staying at my brother's til I can get a place of my own sorted, but thought I'd just drop everyone a line and see if they could help me out... I'm...
  2. eltaylor001

    URGENT Items for sale - mainly K11 stuff

    Hi all I'm moving to London at the end of the week as I start a new job on Tuesday 30th. I've been clearing out the shed and have a quite a few items I need to sell before leaving. I live up North near Peterlee, items are collection only (if you really want them posted you have to organise...
  3. eltaylor001

    Yoo hoo, I'm back

    Hey folks Big apologies for not being around for so long. Just to say am back and if you want meets get in touch and I will try and sort something out. Not gonna make this long just wanted peeps to know I'm still around. Laters El
  4. eltaylor001

    My Avensis

    Hiya all Having since been without a car for months after having to strip and scrap my beloved Super S Gordie the Green Machine, I finally managed to get myself back on the road with the following cheapie: A 1998 2.0 Toyota Avensis GLS - see a few pics below. Got a few small plans for...
  5. eltaylor001

    13" GOLD finish SR Alloys

    Hi I have for sale 4 13" Micra SR Alloys in a Gold Finish. £100 collection only. Tread is ok on most wheels, 1 will definitely need a new tyre.
  6. eltaylor001

    Minor Gripe

    Can people seriously think about sorting out their PM inboxes. It's really annoying when you wanna send someone a PM and can't cos they haven't got any room. Gripe over. lol
  7. eltaylor001

    Breaking my heart but am breaking my Super S

    UPDATED - NOW WITH PICS - Breaking my heart but am breaking my Super S - FINAL WEEK - HURRY IF YOU WANT STUFF Hi Guys Sorry not been on for ages. I currently own a 1995 1.3 Super S in Blueish Green (FP0) aka Gordie the Green Machine, but unfortunately he failed his MOT and isn't really...
  8. eltaylor001

    Ferrybridge Meet 27th March 2010

    Hi guys Sorry for the delay but finally got around to getting on. Here's the confirmation thread finally. Location: Ferrybridge Services, WF11 OAF. Moving to Xscape, WF10 4TA Time: 12.:30 Confirmation list (copy and add your name if you are coming) 1. Hugh 2. Eltaylor001 (Ele)
  9. eltaylor001

    Calling all North Members (West, Central and East)

    Hi all Hope you are looking forward to what is 2010. I'm one of your North Reps. My name is Ele, I'm 28 and I live up Sunderland way. I'm currently running a K11 1.3 Super S. I'm looking to get info from all our North Members with a view to help us sort out some good meets this year...
  10. eltaylor001

    Spotted - North East

    Just spotted the lamest car ever. I apologise if this belongs to anyone or a mate of theirs or someone you know but I couldn't believe what I was looking at. It was a black vw lupo or maybe seat arosa. The main make badges had been replaced with suburu badges. The model had been replaced with...
  11. eltaylor001

    iPhone users beware....

  12. eltaylor001

    What stormtroopers do on their day off...

    Clicky here
  13. eltaylor001

    Hell hath no fury... a woman scorned Twitter Pic
  14. eltaylor001

    2009/2010 MSC Fantasy Football League

    Following on from the success of last years league, I have renewed the MSC Fantasy Football League for the coming season. Congratulations to Craig for winning again last year iirc. The code to join this league: 147482-40104 join/sign up here Good Luck
  15. eltaylor001

    Spotted white K11

    Just spotted a white K11, prefacelift I think, with a black bonnet and black alloys on Rosemary Lane coming out of Easington on way to Hawthorn. Anyone of here? I was passing in opposite direction in me Civic on way home from work.
  16. eltaylor001

    Yamaha YAS-25 Alto Saxophone - Quick Sale

    For Sale - Ideal first saxophone 1 Yamaha YAS-25 Alto Saxophone complete with hard case. Includes 2 neck straps and a number of unused reeds and cleaning equipment, Reeds: 4 Hemke Premium Size 3.5 3 Hemke Premium Size 4 1 Rico Size 3 Bought for £750. Still in extremely good...
  17. eltaylor001

    North Meet Weekend of Feb 28th/March 1st 2009

    Hey all following the results of the poll. Here are details of next meet so far. Date: Feb 28th at 1pm Location: Meet at Boldon Leisure Park in the Story Book Pub car park (Move onto Washington Galleries when all arrived) Point of contact: Eltaylor001 (Ele) - Mobi 07769676643 Whos going: 1...
  18. eltaylor001

    North Meet Poll

    Poll for North meet dates and locations.
  19. eltaylor001

    Request for help from another forum

    Hey all I'm a member of Jap North East and had a post on there as follows: "Had a customer on the phone looking for a VVTI Inlet sprocket and and exhaust sprocket for a K12 Micra. Anyone any idea if you can get these somewhere other than and cheaper than the dealers? cheers :) "...
  20. eltaylor001

    Convoy Details for North East to Ferrybridge Meet 29th November 2008

    Ok so here are the details for the Ferrybridge meet convoy. Start point is Story Book Pub car park at Boldon Leisure Park. Address is (for those that require it): Abingdon Way Boldon Leisure Park Boldon Colliery NE35 9PB We are meeting here at 9AM!!!!!! Please ensure you are on...