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  1. Jen319

    Wipers, they won't stop!

    My mums k12 sve has decided that the windscreen is constantly dirty, the wipers won't stop wiping even when the stalk is set to "off" :( It did it for a while on Tuesday, then after flicking the stalk from "auto" to "on" back to "off" it stopped. But now they seem to be constantly going...
  2. Jen319

    JAE 2013: Pictures Thread (pic Heavy)

    Hi everyone, Although I was only at JAE for like...3 hours? :P I got a few nice photos I want to share ^_^ More coming up ;)
  3. Jen319

    Jen's K12 Sport+ Turbo

    *Cough* Diesel *Cough* :p Well...I got an alert a week or two ago, telling me that I'd been here a year....a whole year! and I've no thread dedicated to my baby :O *gasp* okay, so I'm no modder...she's never going to be ridiculously lowered on eibach springs, with some outrageous exhaust...
  4. Jen319


    I was doing a random search for images on google...and found this... now...I'd never seen this before...and was actually wondering lately if I ever would...however this is, according to the article it was attached, just a rendering, and aparently the article was written back in 2010...but I...
  5. Jen319

    You know you're obsessed when...

    This is my first thread...hope it's okay here (not K10, 11, 12 or 13 specific) When i tell someone i drive a Micra, they tend to look at me there must be something wrong in my head <_< After i explain a little about £30, 65 MPG, in my current K12 model anyhow...they...