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    Rover nearly blew up in Tyne Tunnel!

    Ok, I was coming home from work today, been covering the Wallsend branch and I had to use the Tyne Tunnel coming home. For those of you who don't know, it's basically just a tunnel going under the river and it's like a toll of £1.20, and inside it's a single lane both ways so no overtaking /...
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    Tray just above the pedals..?

    Ok, my pre-facelift had a little tray above the pedals, well.. more of a ducket where I could put stuff.. But my facelift has some huge black thing in the way, which seems to serve no purpose whatsoever, and stops me from getting to the tray. Anyone got any idea what this is and why this is...
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    Digital-ish Dials? Is this the Taiwan K11 or something? Check out the 1, 2, 3, 4 thing on the Rev counter, showing you which gear you're in. Is this a Taiwan March?
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    White Bumperless Micra In Boldon Cinema..

    Who's was that O.o It had a bodykit and exhaust system on it, and one hell of a rusty rear crossmember. Was an M reg ending CU, reminded me of the end of my old one haha. Sure it was a Super S.. black bonnet. Also had the stickers.. anyone on here? If so.. I was that one in...
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    Standard Catalytic Converter (Yes, standard)

    Does anybody in the North East area have a standard cat. for the exhaust system? I.E. The centre section bit.. as mine is a janspeed de-cat, and went for my MOT and they said it was blowing and making the emissions go a bit funny.. so I want a standard one. Anyone got one? Dirt cheap please...
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    Super S Dials on eBay Looks relatively cheap. Could go up. For anyone with a prefacelift, looks a bargain to me!
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    Silly Micras without spoiler..

    I've just took my Micras spoiler off and I was looking at it.. and it looks like a clown. Like it's just had a hair cut. Anyone else think they look so daft when they have no spoiler.. maybe it's cos I've never seen mine without but still..
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    FSE Power Boost Valve (1.3 pre-facelift)

    I'm not sure if these work on any other Micra.. but mine was already fitted to my 1.3 Super S.. it replaces your standard fuel pressure regulator so I suppose it should be just the same as any other. I couldn't really tell you how to fit it, but my car's going to the scrappy so I suppose if...
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    Facelift Dials

    Preferabbly the Sport+ dials, as I can't see any at any scrappies or anything. Looking for black dials, facelift, with a rev counter / tachometer. Will probably settle for the green Si ones if all else fails, just after a tachometer.
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    Very Poor Fuel Consumption.. help!

    Ok, I've had 2 micras. A 1.3 Super S (1995) and a 1.0 Profile (2000). I don't rag these cars around, or have a heavy right foot.. but in both of them I've noticed incredibly poor fuel consumption. The only thing that is the same on these two cars is the exhaust (had to swap full standard...
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    Spotted! Micra

    I spotted this about a year or two ago, my mate took the photo but I was never part of the MSC then or had a license, just found this photo.. Any idea who's this is? It looked proper funky!
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    K11 Super S Spares And Parts

    Ok, here is a list of things I have for sale.. many of which will probably need some TLC / respraying.. Front and Rear Bumpers (Super S / SR w/fogs.) -- NOTE: The points where you screw these into the bumper have gone, as my mate ripped it off the scrap car I got it off. I put two screws into...
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    Steve's new Micra :O

    Well well well.. still got the old black Super S sitting outside my house rotting and rusting away, but decided enough is enough and needed something newer which would actually pass an MOT. So, decided why not, saw jim_bling / kenny's 1.0 Profile up for sale and snatched him up! Bargain if I...
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    Postage Costs

    Hey, I was wondering, has anybody ever posted a spoiler? (Super S / SR) one, just trying to work out some costs and wondering how much exactly it costs! Thanks.
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    Video of my Super S..broke Changed Throttle Body, changed MAF, checked spark, it never happens when the engine is warm, only when it's cold. Fuel pump is fine too. Anyone?
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    Limp Mode.

    Ok, my car seems to have been running in Limp Mode recently because I've my mate's nacked the plug on one of the cables going into the throttle body, and my car's in limp mode now. It runs fine, apart from not being able to go above 50mphish, or pull away very fast. Will this be damaging...
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    End of the world....?

    What the hell, Is this real :S it's all over the news and that. Are they allowed to do such experiments that could jeprodise the human race O.o I'm sure there must be something against that?
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    Problem with Headlights..

    Ok, my headlights work fine, apart from when I flash people. This has only happened recently, but my left headlight just turns off completely when I flash people.. but when I slightly pull the stalk back slowly, the light comes on fine, and then when I pull it back properly it just goes off...
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    Lawrence of Arabia!!

    Looks like my old blog got deleted with the server crash and such, soo.. I call it Lawrence for some strange reason.. haah. Picked this up for £250 from some kid who had it for about 5 month and never ever cleaned it. It was in dire need of help, it stunk of petrol, had loads of stuff...
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    Well, been here a while but never really got the chance to post an introduction. My name's Steve, I'm from Hebburn ( near Newcastle ), I used to have a Rover 414, but the thing pretty much seized up from gasket failure, before I even passed my test.. (only cost £30 for the car lol!) I'm 18...