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    Remutaka Hill (Wairarapa NZ)

    hey peeps just thought i would share some info of the Alpine Pass road I drive twice daily 6 days a week. Hence why I need to repower with a bigger cc rating. I give you... "The 'Takas"
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    GA15DE into K11....

    Hi folks, I didnt mention before but i work in a car scrapping yard, and it seems to me that a GA15 engine from an N15 would be my best bang for $$$ swap with minimal effort ..... is this common? and do i use the GA15 gearbox and axles etc? anything i need watch for? cheers
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    Hi From NZ....and got a couple of issues....

    Hi guys, Im Sam from NZ i live just north of Wellington, I have a 1000cc 2001 March 5 Door Auto, Im having issues with the car missing and bogging at times....namely turning right while on the gas....and hill climbing under load it has a pronounced bog in midrange but clears when revving out...