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  1. Andy5077

    Leaky sunroof PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi could be leaking through the glass panel rubber surround if so you need to gently prise it from the glass in small sections at a time thoroughly clean out the mould/dirt ect! Apply a bead of high quality sealant in-between the glass and seal ensuring to squeeze down the rubber seal to the...
  2. Andy5077

    Agent_Sm1ths Activ

    Amazing how much would it cost to do this mate? :-)
  3. Andy5077

    Blog The Mask

    I usually clean my roof each month using the Autoglym roof cleaning/restoration kit. I start by gently vacuuming the roof with a brush attachment! I am sure the kit has a water proofing solution in it I will check tomorrow, if I was you I would lift the carpets and dry the underneath properly...
  4. Andy5077

    Blog The Mask

    Hi mate the pics of the inside of the roof there seems to be marks on it or is it just the light, was any part of the inside of roof surface damp? The seal between the roof and windows could be letting in the water does the roof material overlap the glass enough (have you s pic)? Is there water...
  5. Andy5077

    Agent_Sm1ths Activ

    Any updates on this amazing mod mate? B-)
  6. Andy5077

    Found excellent suppliers and fitters of K11 hoods.

    The original Vinyl Tan roof was available from Japan but cost a fortune also it's not as good quality as a decent mohair one!
  7. Andy5077

    Cabrio Hard Top

    I will make a profile mould first then a female mould, the hardest bit will be obtaining or manufacturing the metal profile cross member that connects to the front windscreen top surround? :-(
  8. Andy5077

    Blog The Mask

    I will talk to my mate tomorrow or Saturday and let you know! B-)
  9. Andy5077

    Blog The Mask

    Is this what you after mate, my friend owns a signage company he reckons he can reproduce it better quality then the OEM transfer! B-)
  10. Andy5077

    Blog The Mask

  11. Andy5077

    Blog The Mask

    Welcome to the exclusive March Cabriolet Owners Club mate! B-)
  12. Andy5077


    Hi contact MSC Facebook group Admin Edward Ralph he was investigating them!
  13. Andy5077

    Trim levels.

    The 2002 1.4SE+ had the highest trim level spec of all UK market Micra's the list included heated seats and mirrors to name few, this followed by the 2002 2.4 Sport+! B-)
  14. Andy5077

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Hi guys not been on here for a while, at last I have found a airbag for my JDM Nissan March wood/leather steering wheel Steffi Cab is happy now! B-)
  15. Andy5077

    SR Drivers Seat

    Hi after a SR drivers seat can anyone help? B-)
  16. Andy5077

    Soft top

    Hi mate welcome to the exclusive Nissan March Cabriolet Club, there are some really good companies that will make new tops, prices cannot vary between £1500 to £2000 for a good quality manufactured and fitted hood. Please could you post some details and pics of your Cabriolet if poss?? B-)
  17. Andy5077

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    On Sunday replaced the drivers side outer CV, my mate held the inner drive shaft to stabilise it and to make sure I didn't remove the whole shaft whilst tapping off the CV joint! IMHO you need a second pair of hands to make sure the inner drive shaft and outer CV joint is in line whilst removing...
  18. Andy5077

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    At last fitted the new outer CV's to my 2003 1.4 SE+ today! B-)
  19. Andy5077


    These Philips LED'S are supposed to be good? B-)
  20. Andy5077

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    With the weather being good down here on the southern sub-tropical tax haven island of Guernsey I took Steffi Cab out for some long spins in the warm sunshine! Although she was clean I couldn't resist giving her a valet lol! B-)