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  1. solarice

    London warehouse fire

    Whole building was up in flames and the firefighters worked tirelessly trying to save the micra. Good lads lol. :D
  2. solarice

    NE Convoy

    Just wondering how many are coming from NE region and when they plan on leaving for JAE.? I know the route the scotland lads are going (just looking at the thread haha) probably a good idea if theres a few NE going to sort out a plan. :) A bit last minute i know lol.
  3. solarice

    K11 facelift boot spoiler

    Would anyone be interested in a K11 boot spoiler...small across the top type. Good condition, few scratches (a couple are down to plastic but very small)...this wont matter if you plan on painting it. Currently in metallic green (unknown paint code), comes with the nuts and rubber covers (if...
  4. solarice

    SR Gauge Cluster

    This is the Green on White type of cluster. Removed from a 70k mile car. As you probably know this includes the rpm gauge. Includes a short length of loom for each plug to help with any rewiring that maybe needed. No cracks, missing tabs...i havent personally tested this but looks in fully...
  5. solarice

    Super S / SR Front bumper

    As titled. Item is in gold metallic, but needs a repaint as the laquer has started to peel and theres a few very light scuffs (passenger side corner, and on the chin where its caught curbs etc -- worst is maybe .5 mm deep). So colour is irrelevant. :D Now the good bit, both driving lamps...
  6. solarice

    K10 and K11 Parts...will swap for money.

    Right got a few bits that are taking up space, so they are looking for new owners. :D K10 Stuff (will be updated as and if i find more stuff) -- all from a 1.0 1. Stock orange side repeaters (lenses only) -- As new : £1 + p&p 2. Carb and inlet manifold (carb has an idle issue, probably...
  7. solarice

    K11 Coilpack Parts Needed

    Just wondering if anyones got a maf and front lambda sensor from the later coilpack K11's, that they'd be wanting rid? lambda at the moment is deffo needed, maf is a possible. Asking before i go on a scrappy hunt. Goes without saying they need to be working 100% and super cheap :D Cheers.
  8. solarice

    Nissan JUKE-R

    Not sure if you lot have seen this yet, but Nissan have decided to go all crazy and create a Juke crossed with a GT-R. Not really normally a fan of the Juke, but the concept art in the first vid below looks quite good. Should be interesting to...
  9. solarice

    Who Knows the 1.3 Stock Engine AFR Readings.

    I say 1.3 but its probably the same range for the 1.0 aswell. Can anyone tell me how far the accelerator pedal has to be down before the 14.7 AFR cruise target is ignored. Im trying to set mine for cruise (about time haha) and cant remeber what the stock engine setup does. :( I've hand a look...
  10. solarice

    Super S on Ebay

    Just thought i'd give people a heads up incase they havent seen it, dont think it is or was anyones on here...ends in 19 hrs (or less depending when you're reading this :D)
  11. solarice

    A little Inspiration for the K12ers

    over at : Only that one pic up im afraid (at the moment). But imo it looks awesome. haha.
  12. solarice

    Never happens near me

    Assuming this is a real story haha... :) Can just imagine the smug grins on those guys/girls faces lol.
  13. solarice

    Throttle body x2 :)

    CA18DET Throttle Body : £20 ? +p&p Might be useful for running a bigger intake (think it would need an adapter if planning on fitting to manifold directly). This is just the throttlebody, so maf etc would need relocating / acquiring. Similar to using the sr20 TB. I think the inlet is...
  14. solarice

    CA18DET Inlet Manifold

    Anyone interested? Measured it up out of curiosity and the micra inlet does seem to line up so you could probably combine the two inlets together...or obviously use it for another car. Cant comment anymore than that though. PM me if you wanna know more, pics etc. :)
  15. solarice

    Adjustable Cam Sprockets

    Been randomly looking around at cam sprockets and the ability to advance / retard the cams. Just been looking at Mulhollands and Aspect Racing's adjustables... Mulhollands Aspects Now Mulholland dont...
  16. solarice

    Arches of sale -- Different Type.

    Not the same as the ones on mine...they're maybe something like half as wide. As you'd expect they'll need work to get them to fit, so keep that in mind. £200 posted? Gimme a pm if youre interested or wanna discuss further. Cheers, Kris
  17. solarice

    Micra For Sale -- Member from JNE

    Not mine, which is why ive not listed this in the buy / sell thread.... but the owner is a member on JapNorthEast. Just giving you's a heads up, incase anyones looking. any questions it'll be worth contacting him direct through pistonheads...
  18. solarice

    Ignition System Fault...Someones Stole My Lightning

    Said in the voice of strong bad. "Its Brooookenn" :( Car was working fine (actually drove it yesterday for abit, started / ran spot on) but now it wont start...typically i just found this out as i was about to leave for a local meet, sods law i guess :laugh: I had a few ideas so tried /...
  19. solarice

    Seatbelt Shoulder Pad Thingys x 4

    I have four of these (four in total, not four pairs :) ), they were in my car when i bought it and theyve been out the car ever since...dunno if anyone will be interested, but you can have the lot for £4 posted? No idea if thats a reasonable price, as ive not looked what they usually sell for...
  20. solarice

    JDM Rear Visor Back Up On Ebay...

    As the title says :) JDM REAR VISOR! Starts at 99p and if it reaches an amount im happy with before it gets into the last 12 hours, the reserve will be removed or i may offer it to the highest bidder at the end. (id be mad to let it run without a reserve ;) ). Just to give you's a heads up...