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  1. funky2nite

    Is this the correct thermostat for a cg10de 1.0L '95 Also when replacing waterpump and thermostat, anything else that needs to be replaced? Am assuming both pump and thermo come with their own gaskets. The steel pipe coming out the engine that has narrow...
  2. funky2nite

    Coolant reservoir replacement k11? Also safety belt replacements

    Current reservoir on a '95k11 1.0L is totally perished. Some pressure withthe thumb on top, woild go through it. Went to breakers but told me theirs are in the same state, basically seems like that the plastic just expired. So was thinking what did you guys do for replacing it? Seen on yutube...
  3. funky2nite

    K11 tailgate struts and tailgate windshield rubber

    Is there anywhere or anyhow I can come up with replacement rubber for the rear windshield as it is starting to just pop off from the sides coming off the glass 23yrs... Also with regards to the tailgate struts I already took the hassle and bought used replacements off a breaking k11, yet they...
  4. funky2nite

    Shocks replacement issue

    Just pulled off the front driver shock, prob is the center nut simply rotates the shock's shaft.. i.e. cannot come off. best thought that popped to mind is to cut the shaft off, that way the metal plate that sits on top of the spring, comes off the other way. Ultimately try to vice grip the...
  5. funky2nite

    replacing CV Joint Bellow /rubber gaiter

    Guys Can anyone give me a heads up on if there is a correct way to undo the Cv joint itself from the shaft? I've disassembled everything to make some space, wishbone, tie rod, caliper but the the cv joint itself is not coming off. I'm bashing it with a sledge hammer and rotating it to maybe aid...
  6. funky2nite

    Removing Inner Tie Rod Ends

    OK just wanted to make sure, I think Frank might be right. Have been planning for long to replace both inner and outer track/tie rod ends of my '95 k11 1.0L , now it seems I've hit a dead end with my inners since they seem all round and even worse seem to have no nut anywhere?? have had the...
  7. funky2nite

    how do I go about finding an outer CV rubber gaiter / boot ?

    noticed a split in d/s rubber/boot gaiter on the outer CV joint, obviously I'd rather replace the gaiter before water and dust gets in the joint itself and it'd need replacement. am finding difficult finding just the rubber gaiter for the outer Cv joint k11 1.0 thanks guys, Ian - Malta
  8. funky2nite

    CG10DE which are the correct engine mountings for the k11 1.0 ?

    Ok guys, the dumb one's back again with another question.. Can anyone wholeheartedly point out which are the three compatible engine mountings for the CG10DE engine i.e. K11 1.0L 92-02. Am sure all three needs replacing, yet cannot undo the mto be sure which ones to buy, since I can only undo...
  9. funky2nite

    getting rid of roof rack channels anyone ever done it?

    have severe rusting hole just near the FM aerial in the roof rack channel. have never found out any use for both roof rack channels on my micra and am sure will never ever find any. Now how about getting rid of the black strips covering the channels and filling both channels with hard...
  10. funky2nite

    Brake servo leak any ideas from where to start?

    it's been going for quite a while now.. I know I deserve it for taking long.. I know.. it's been over a year, topping up brake fluid whenever the brake light comes up circa every 3 months. quick fix.. was too busy with the new place.. have a leak somwhere in the brake servo.. attached...
  11. funky2nite

    Wanted parts for k11 cg10de 5dr '95

    Am after good condition parts: all three engine mountings, water coolant reservoir, both front headlights, tailgate rear gas struts both
  12. funky2nite

    PC subwoofer to car headunit (but not using sub's circuit board)

    Have been trying to look for a quick answer, since I've had everything stolen off my micra, decided to put it a pc large pc sub I had lying at home. but this sub I bypassed it's printed board bcos I dont have the vol controller and power supply. so basically I hooked up 2 wires directly to the...
  13. funky2nite

    Quick question before starting 2 replace tie rod ends + inners

    Thought it'd be wiser to ask b4hand, now that I have all parts at hand (outer tie rod ends + inners), am aware that a tool exists for unscrewing inner tie rod ends. Question is would I manage without the tool, I'm persistent if that helps.. just a yes or no would help. thanks guys & happy wknd...
  14. funky2nite

    Tie rod end question?

    Just bought a set of: And a set: Was prepping myself through the forum beforehand and watched a clip on...
  15. funky2nite

    Anyone has idea why radiator pipes have changed shape?

    I've noticed recently that the radiator return pipe has shrunk, also a similar pipe that runs into the cabin also seems to have shrunk behind the battery. hope can be seen in images. anyone has any clue? also if these pipes need replacement, any specific size and name of such pipes? the above...
  16. funky2nite

    K11 factory wheel size / stock wheel size any1 sure?

    Hi guys, sorry to bother. I've been currently running on 195/65/15s for like 4 yrs now but am a bit tight on money and have to consider switching to stock wheelies for a while but either the 15s and the stock 13s require new rubber, I summed that the 13s would come way cheaper to replace. Can...
  17. funky2nite

    need info re front wishbone - balljoints

    Hi Guys sorry to bother again. Just got a new job since completing my degree. am working in a bad area where junkies get their meds, and have had all audio stolen from my k11. bugger. micra is getting worse although I still believe it's stil la solid runner, but it's desperate for attention...
  18. funky2nite

    Guys need some info from you locals

    Currently am in Ilford on a holiday, today we'll be buying a MMT yaris which we'll be driving back overland to Malta. It needs an AC recharge, where can I get a decent service and in short notice? and are there still in existence, gas stations where I can change the car's oil myself? thanks...
  19. funky2nite

    gear / clutch problem after tweaking ..?

    Hey guys, sorry to bother again, recently I've adjusted the clutch cable nut as the car helplessly knocked on accelerating from stationary, irrelevant how hard I tried to take off quickly. First I tightened i loosened the nut a lot as had no clue which side it should be adjusted and it kinda...
  20. funky2nite

    Your opinion on a 1000mile trip on a 1.0L or 1.3 auto yaris engine

    in two months time, am coming over to purchase surely one, possibly two toyota yaris, the later model 05-2010 model. drive the cars overland circa 1200mile trip, with random intervals obviously for resting/sleeping. What's your opinion FROM EXPERIENCE on the engine's capability to withstand such...