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  1. funky2nite

    Is this the correct thermostat for a cg10de 1.0L '95 Also when replacing waterpump and thermostat, anything else that needs to be replaced? Am assuming both pump and thermo come with their own gaskets. The steel pipe coming out the engine that has narrow...
  2. funky2nite

    The Mean Green Track Machine

    Amazing LOVE IT!
  3. funky2nite


    very very good work. Love it. to the rest it's just a cheap ass city car. but to us it's an amazing little bugger!
  4. funky2nite

    Micra track car build

    very very nice outcome. all the vids are dead bro!
  5. funky2nite

    K11 wont start after cutting out

    It might be messy, but you're better off without the immobiliser as things stand, as otherwise you're going to be pouring money just for programming as the car itself might be super fine. just its security isn't
  6. funky2nite

    Coolant reservoir replacement k11? Also safety belt replacements

    Be blessed bro! Seatbelts am skeptical from scrappies since mine dtill work, they just need help rolling back..
  7. funky2nite

    Coolant reservoir replacement k11? Also safety belt replacements

    New belt from scrappers, so am right to think that we cant get new generics, we'll just have to go through used/sticky ones? Aftermarket replacement for k11? That would be awesome, never found one.
  8. funky2nite

    Coolant reservoir replacement k11? Also safety belt replacements

    Current reservoir on a '95k11 1.0L is totally perished. Some pressure withthe thumb on top, woild go through it. Went to breakers but told me theirs are in the same state, basically seems like that the plastic just expired. So was thinking what did you guys do for replacing it? Seen on yutube...
  9. funky2nite

    K11 tailgate struts and tailgate windshield rubber

    Is there anywhere or anyhow I can come up with replacement rubber for the rear windshield as it is starting to just pop off from the sides coming off the glass 23yrs... Also with regards to the tailgate struts I already took the hassle and bought used replacements off a breaking k11, yet they...
  10. funky2nite

    K11 Restoration Plan

    I frickin envy your restoration plan matey! My effort has plunged to a darn halt since a year or so ago, when it was broken in by these junkies cos used to work near to their detox clinic. But hands down been dreaming of allocating that much quid for the k11 and get the guts to restore it. I try...
  11. funky2nite

    Micra speedometer.

    you mean more like a Gem than a turd matey!
  12. funky2nite

    Alignment and tracking issues

    If the bloke mentioned vibration or rattling, I'd agree, but steering pull from worn wishbone bushes..?
  13. funky2nite

    replacing CV Joint Bellow /rubber gaiter

    using the vehicle's setup as a holder for the CV itself.. wow that would have taken me long to figure out.
  14. funky2nite

    Alignment and tracking issues

    defo hasnt 2 do with wishbone bushes
  15. funky2nite

    replacing CV Joint Bellow /rubber gaiter

    sorry for bothering again, hope it'll be d last ;) another mole grip I guess goes on the CV, so with one hand you pull CV outwards and with other you hit the molegrip on the shaft direct to the tranny. right?
  16. funky2nite

    replacing CV Joint Bellow /rubber gaiter

    now you're making tons 'a sense! well done chiefo, sure'll try that.
  17. funky2nite

    Shocks replacement issue

    thanks guys, all making sense now, seems a bit overkill but if it gets the job done, should be fine for me. my bench vice is still in its box since Im still setting up my garage. :/
  18. funky2nite

    Shocks replacement issue

    OK I think you've given me a feasible solution, the end of the shaft isn't allen type, but is half round and has two flat sides. so I should be able to use the ring spanner and a mole grip or a shifton to try undo them both with both hands. Problem is that my compressor although small is kinda...
  19. funky2nite

    replacing CV Joint Bellow /rubber gaiter

    tbh I'm still uncertain on the correct way of hooking the mole grips to the shaft. Where exactly is the depression and how will the mole grip help in not letting the shaft come off? I went all the way under the car going along the shaft until it goes to the tranny and noticed no where I can...