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  1. Agent_Sm1th

    Replacing CV boot or joint.

    There's not many Micra specific videos out there maintenance wise, so when I happened upon this one, I thought I'd put a link to it. Hope some of you find it helpful as I've seen quite a few people on these forums ask about replacing torn or damaged boots.
  2. Agent_Sm1th

    Agent_Sm1ths Activ

    So I thought I better start a blog about my car and the stuff I've done to it. It all started when my next door neighbour bought a new car and left the Micra on his drive for a year. I had a brand new Fiesta just to use to drive to work and back, but never really liked it and to be honest I dont...
  3. Agent_Sm1th

    Fitting opening rear side windows

    Fitted some opening rear side windows so I thought I'd let you all know how to do it. Now apart from all the trim pieces and windows etc, you will also need these rear seat belt top mounting longer bolts and spacers. As you can see the original ones have shorter ones. Best to do inside stuff...
  4. Agent_Sm1th

    Fault code info

    Hello ppl. Got a management light on today driving to work. P0420 catalyser efficiency fault apparently. Just wanted to know if it is most likely the cat or just a sensor fault. Cheers
  5. Agent_Sm1th

    Uprated brakes

    I was in the scrapyard and saw some almera gti brakes. 22v I think was on the caliper. I would like to know what ppls views are on fitting these. ie are they any good, pedal travel etc. Or are there better alternatives to look out for.
  6. Agent_Sm1th

    Flywheel weight

    Thought I'd post just as a little bit of info. I weighed a 2001 1.4 flywheel at 8.0kg and a 2001 1.0 flywheel weighed 6.0kg. So quite a difference really.
  7. Agent_Sm1th

    Where's this from please?

    Can someone let me know if this is off my car. I'd been working on it and when I reversed away found this. Now it wasn't there before I started. It may have fallen off as I removed something but I can't see what. Cheers guys.
  8. Agent_Sm1th

    Central locking

    Does anyone know if the central locking is separate to the nats. If so I'll just change the central locking box and key fob part to get it working again as Nissan want £70 to match the keyfob part to the box.
  9. Agent_Sm1th

    Engine swap

    At the moment I have a 2001 1.0 coilpack engine in my car. For a little more umpff I thought I might stick a 1.4 in it. I'll be keeping my 1.0 g/box in. So. Dropping the engine in isn't a problem but I would like to know what clutch to use and also if my ECU would be OK or would it under fuel...
  10. Agent_Sm1th

    Preventative maintenance

    Just thought I'd share my two peneth worth of info with you guys/gals. Rust is never far away for us Micra owners, so anything to slow or halt it is helpful in my book. As winter is coming with salt on the roads make sure you clean out this area to stop the wing and sill rotting. Mine was...
  11. Agent_Sm1th

    Ride Height

    Just after a little info. I lowered my car by 35-40mm a couple of months ago and it caught my eye the other day that the passenger side rear is not as low as the drivers rear. It differs by around 10mm. I have used proper lowering springs, not cut or anything and they are seated correctly. Is...
  12. Agent_Sm1th

    Ventura lowering springs

    Hi. Any of you out there used these springs before, and if so, do you have any feedback on them with regards ride quality. All the other springs I've been looking at are 30-35mm drop so these caught my eye at 40mm. Any info would be...
  13. Agent_Sm1th

    Suzuki Alto

    Could someone let me know what year/model of Alto I should be looking for with regards the rear springs to lower my micra. A lot of the scrapyards near me want to know this stuff and won't let you just look around any more. Cheers.
  14. Agent_Sm1th

    Removing front drivers wing

    Hi. Before I start dismantling everything. Thought it would be a good idea to get some info first. Do I need to remove the headlight,wheel etc,etc. Any tips would be helpful. I seem to be getting stuck around the bumper/ headlight area and don't want to force anything. Any help would be...
  15. Agent_Sm1th


    Hi all. I'm going away in the car soon and I'm having trouble finding roof bars that fit my 3 door, non opening rear window Micra. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Its a 2001 model by the way.
  16. Agent_Sm1th

    My first modification - foglights

    Hello all. I have had my Micra now for a few weeks and whilst browsing ebay spotted a factory foglight kit. Just got it today and fitted them. I think they look good. I have noticed with my limited Micra experience that not many have these fitted. Always nice to be a bit different. Have to say...
  17. Agent_Sm1th


    Just thought I'd say a quick hello. Just bought my first micra. A neighbour had it sat on the drive for 12 months. I bought it for £200. It's only 1.0 but it runs very well. Should do really as its only got 25000 miles on the clock. I was that impressed I sold my other car. I'd put a pic on but...