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  1. Jamesking56

    K11 + Smartphone connection

    Hello, I want to write a smartphone app that uses my car's ECU data. The trouble I'm having is, my car's age. I have an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and a cable to convert my Nissan OBD1 port to OBD2 but it isn't working. I tried by using Torque light app and that can connect to my Bluetooth...
  2. Jamesking56

    MSC Midlands 2014 Summer Meet - Star City Birmingham

    Hello everyone! Its time for another Midlands meet! The Winter meet went very well in Birmingham so I felt its a good time to go warmer and have a Summer meet! Date: 4th May 2014 Time: 1:00pm Location: Star City, Birmingham (Behind Maccies) Any car is welcome, even if non-Micra. If you are...
  3. Jamesking56

    MSC Midlands Meet - *Star City* - 19th January 2014

    Hey everyone, Its been a while since we all met up at Star City so I thought we could all have a nice meet again. I haven't really done much to my Micra but it would be nice to see everyone again. Hope you can all make it! Here's the details: Date: Sunday 19th January 2014 Time: 1:00pm...
  4. Jamesking56

    Birmingham Meet 23rd June 2013 - Star City

    Hey guys! How have you been? I thought it was about time for another meet at Star City! Sunday 23rd June 2013 at Star City Birmingham. Meet at 1pm. Let me know if you can / can't come below! ----- Attending list: Jamesking56 Enuo VitzJoe (Maybe) Dougyledds ----- Hope to see you there :)
  5. Jamesking56

    My standard K11 is playing up :(

    Hey guys, I was driving my standard K11 today and it sounded like it was permanently straining and it was really loud even though I was in low revs? I suspect its the cold but could this be a sign of worse to come?
  6. Jamesking56

    Where are my MSC stickers?

    Hey! I bought some stickers (a set of two) like 2 weeks ago and I've not had them through the post?
  7. Jamesking56

    We need a meet

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I've never been to a Micra meet before. I'm in Redditch (B98) and would love to come to a meet in the midlands. So, I had an idea. Would it be great if we compiled a list of members in and around the Midlands then we can possibly organise a meet which we can...
  8. Jamesking56

    Hello from Redditch!

    Hey Guys! I'm James and I own a K11 Nissan Micra Shape (In Red) 1.0 Litre budget model (No power steering, no back window wiper etc.) Its my first car and I was hoping to meet up with others and possibly so I can buy spares for my car. Here is a pic: I'm also at...