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  1. Swiper

    K12 Alloys, Genuine Bodykit, Eibachs And Rear Spoiler

    As title says, looking for the 16" sport alloys (darker ones preferably) the nissan bodykit that were all over ebay a couple of years ago. 30mm Eibach lowering springs (possibly 50mm) genuine rear spoiler. cash waiting. cheers, Shaun.
  2. Swiper

    Happy birthday squarepants!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday Dan.. 18 Today!!!!!!! how was the head this morning? mine's getting better..... now get your bloody test passed!!!!!!!!!
  3. Swiper

    a few ebay items and the GT4 much loved gt4 for sale, i may negotiate for an msc member ;)
  4. Swiper

    cheapish march st on pistonheads
  5. Swiper

    K11 owners manual, t/b & sega saturn on ebay.

    thought i'd post up a link to a few of my ebay items
  6. Swiper

    K11 front wiper spindles

    taken from a '99 k11. in good working order. stop that annoying squeek when you use the wipers £10 + p&p
  7. Swiper

    cg13 ECU WITH NATS.

    selling a spare ecu from a '99 1.3 with nats. £10 + p&p
  8. Swiper

    Complete k11 'bee sting' aerial

    complete k11 bee sting aerial including mast, base, nut, all cable to std radio plug. removed from a '99 k11. £10 + p&p.
  9. Swiper

    Cg10/cg13 cam cover

    selling this good condition cam cover with oil cap, breather hose and used gasket. it doesn't have the usual broken off plastic ht lead clips in, but i have lost the ht lead clips that i removed, but should be very cheap from nissan. £10 + p&p
  10. Swiper

    Airbag ecu

    taken from a 1.3 '99 k11 to try and stop my airbag light flashing, but the connector was different to my 1.3 '98. please check the connector for yours is the same as in the pic. £15 + p&p ono
  11. Swiper

    K11 SUPER S ECU (number 16)

    k11 super s 1.3 non nats ecu for sale (number 16, i know micra_pete asked for one but not sure of the difference). it was taken from a super s that i broke for spares and planned to get ed to re-map it for my k11 project that i had. £25 + p&p ono.
  12. Swiper

    Front fog switch k11

    i have a front/rear fog light/indicator switch for sale for a '98-'00 k11 (maybe fits '96-'98?). it also comes with the required relay for the fuse box, so even if you don't have genuine front fog lights, you can still use the genuine wiring if you wish to fit aftermarket fog lights in the...
  13. Swiper

    Richbrook steering wheel

    selling my Richbrook steering wheel R2. details here; mine has a black horn surround though as seen in pics below. excellent condition. £55 including p & p (the boss kit has already been sold)
  14. Swiper

    Whiteline anti lift/castor kit for k11

    selling my whiteline anti lift/castor kit that i had on my k11. good condition, comes with evrything circled red, including bolts for castor brackets and also the spacers for the anti-roll bar mounting points which is circled blue. i will also include some silicon grease to lube inside the...
  15. Swiper

    CG13 AUTO engine

    having a clear out so i'm putting my cg13 auto engine up for sale. i was going to keep this for a micra turbo project, but i need to get my GT4 back on the road atm. it's been proven that this is stronger than the normal manual cg13. i removed the head to confirm it was an auto block, but all...
  16. Swiper


    selling my A'PEXi S-AFC II. comes with mounting stand, wire harness and instruction/installation manuals. need to get my GT4 back on the road, so having a clear out. £100 deliverd.
  17. Swiper

    KYB dampers and GMAX 35mm lowering springs K11

    as title says, i'm selling my KYB gas uprated dampers and GMAX 35mm lowering springs. the front springs are already fitted to the front dampers and top mounts, so ready for bolting straight on. these are a very good upgrade for the k11. with these fitted, i removed the whiteline anti-roll bars...
  18. Swiper

    Thoresby Park Jap Show - Sunday 6th July

    i thought i'd post up the details to this, this year will be the 5th time i've been, it just gets better every year, JAPS NORTH- The 8th Japanese Auto & Performance Car Show PLUS The 6th Northern Performance & Modern Classic Ford Rally...
  19. Swiper

    15" alloys f/s

    for sale, 15" ripspeed alloys (same as team dynamics osakas). reconditioned, but i have slightly kurbed one wheel. tyres are kumho ecsta sports but only have around 2mm - 1.6mm left, so will need replacing soon. i'll try and get some recent pics up asap and measure the tread depth. ...
  20. Swiper

    how to get dipped beam to stay on with main

    as title says, basically, i've fitted a hid kit (h4 fitment with a halogen mainbeam bulb inside the hid bulb). i need a way for the dipped beam to stay on when i flash the main and switch on main beam, because on the k11 it switched dipped beam off when using main beam and the light looks...