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  1. Ed

    Fusion Motorsport - New Website!

    Finally I've got it live, still lots to do, but check it out :)
  2. Ed


    I'm after some Non Nats ECUs. If you have any please drop me a message... Thanks :)
  3. Ed

    HD Video Action Camera (Go-Pro alternative)

    Slightly different to normal. Fusion is about to start selling HD Action Cams. I've been looking for ages for a Go-Pro alternative that does not cost the earth to use in the workshop/on the track etc, and now I finally have something I feel is suitable. Retail is £99 but forum members and...
  4. Ed

    NON NATS K11 ECUS (92-95)

    I'm after your non nats ECUs. If anyone has any for sale please drop me a PM.
  5. Ed

    Took the cover of my ST for the first time in 3(?) years!

    Actually plan to do something with it this year lol.
  6. Ed

    MSC 1/4 mile rules for 2012 onwards

    MSC 1/4Mile Rules for 2012 It has been noted that there have been a few threads & some discussions related to the validity of 1/4mile times during 2011. We have therefore decided to lay out some rules to help stimulate a competitive & fair forum and local/national club meets during the 2012...
  7. Ed

    New 2010 Nissan Micra - review and launch event.

    So the Micra Sports Club was invited by Nissan to attend the 2010 Micra Launch in Copenhagen. The responsibility to represent the MSC fell on James and myself, and so today (Monday 13sept) we headed off to Heathrow and boarded the plane courtesy of Nissan along with 30 odd other media reps to...
  8. Ed

    White K11 drivers side wing

    Anyone got one? I'm after one fro PRE-facelift K11! thanks.
  9. Ed

    fao people who have put 1.6 ecu in their micras

    I'm after the part number of the ECUs that people here have tried in the K11. I'm after the ECU to solve a problem on another car. Any help appreciated :)
  10. Ed

    anyone have a 1.6 ECU?

    I'm after a 1.6 non nats Almera ECU anyone out there got one they are willing to part with?
  11. Ed

    2010 - Fuions has been Mapping ECU's for over 6 years!

    <p><img src="" border="0" alt="Custom Rom Chip" width="320" height="214" style="float: right;" /></p> <p>It was about this time 6 years ago we were working on our Pulsar GTiR for the summer TOTB event, that means that we have...
  12. Ed

    ARP head stud set for the ST

    I am looking into getting a set of ARP head studs made for the March ST. Does this interest anyone here? As yet I have no idea of cost. Ed
  13. Ed

    Fusion Motorsport on Facebook!

    For our customers and possible fans (!!!!) we have created a page on Facebook. You can find us at View on our website
  14. Ed

    Toyota Yaris T Sport with e-Manage Ultimate - No problem!

    <p>Its always nice when we can help out new and old customers at the last moment, especially if its not something we usually do.</p> <p>Friday we had a call from an owner with a first gen Yaris T-Sport. He wanted to know if we could fit his e-Manage Ultimate and map it on Saturday. As it...
  15. Ed

    Classic Group B Rally video from youtube.

    <p>Quite amazing footage with pure engine sounds from the Group B era.. Lunacy on wheels, highly tuned engines, amazing drivers and totally mad spectators.</p> View on our website
  16. Ed

    Autosport Show

    <p>Its good to kick start the year with an overdose of automotive madness. And that's exactly what the Autosport show at the Birmingham NEC is. As usual we took a look around to see all the show had to offer, but to pick a single highlight is never that easy as there is so much to take in...
  17. Ed

    hiccup - oops pardon

    <p>Since a revamp has been in order for a while and with content now being regularly added, it made sense to also make sure the server was fully up to date. Whilst doing this a few errors were found that ultimately resulted in refreshing the server starting over and re-installing the databases...
  18. Ed

    Nissan Sunny/Pulsar GTiR Service Manuals

    <p>Some of our customers may find it useful to know we have just added a list of various Nissan Sunny/Pulsar GTiR service Manuals. You can find them <a href="">here.</a></p> View on our...
  19. Ed

    ECU Tuning and Mapping section updated

    <p>As well as the rest of the site we have now updated the <a href="">ECU Tuning and Mapping</a> page. Its now fully up to date and hopefully more...
  20. Ed

    Fusion Launches Full Silicone Hose Range

    <p>Fusion is pleased to announce we now have added a complete stock of extremely high quality Silicone Hoses. We of course only choose from the very best and have no hesitation in recommending the Viper range of silicone hoses over anything else on the market, after all its what we use on our...