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  1. SuperUno

    K11 Micra only starts when cold

    ECU Temp sensor has failed (it is different from the gauge one). To restart when warm remove the fuel pump fuse, crank until it starts, it will run for a bit then cut out, replace fuse and start and it should run ok again.
  2. SuperUno

    Hoodedreeper's K11 v3

    Lovely work, been there before chasing oil leaks with the driveshafts not quite sitting right in the seal. Made a right mess on the drive....
  3. SuperUno

    Nissan March/micra 1.0 to 1.3 Conversion Problems

    This sounds like a NATS (immobiliser) issue.... Try spraying brake cleaner down the throttle body whilst cranking if it runs then it is almost certainly NATS
  4. SuperUno

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    @pollyp did a cut and vent on them. Mine have been rusty as anything for years....
  5. SuperUno

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Not an MOT'able piece so don't worry about them....
  6. SuperUno

    Make shift fly-off handbrake?

    Two minutes with some tank tape will sort it.
  7. SuperUno

    Outer CV joint needed...

    ABS ones fit fine.
  8. SuperUno

    Micra k11 Brake Upgrade Options

    How much grinding of the calipers did you have to do to get them to fit 13" wheels?
  9. SuperUno

    Motorsport UK LIST 1A tyres of choice for autosolo?

    It's been a while since I used the Micra on a solo, in the past I have used whatever I had lying around, but I wouldn't over inflate them. 32psi front and 26psi rear is what I used, but again this is personal choice.....
  10. SuperUno

    Motorsport UK LIST 1A tyres of choice for autosolo?

    For solo's I would stay on 13" tyres (better acceleration). For List 1A tyres I find (tyres are very much a personal choice...) Yoko A539's are the best, and use the 175/50R13 tyres which further lowers your gearing. I used these to win a targa rally outright in our Micra last year. Look for a...
  11. SuperUno

    1996 K11 dies when hot HELP

    Dizzy or more accurately the coil in the dizzy is dying
  12. SuperUno


    Plug and play, I have swapped them between stages in a matter of a few minutes.
  13. SuperUno

    Another 'oil recommendations' thread - sorry!

    Time is hard to tell, I would base it on mileage and how hard it is driven. An average rally mileage will be less than 50miles but those miles are nearly all flat out. Other other competition car is a more standard MGZR160, as it is a standard engine it gets less oil changes and I base the...
  14. SuperUno

    Another 'oil recommendations' thread - sorry!

    I have always used 5w40 Fully synth oil, various brands what ever I can get cheapest. But very regular oil changes, so for the Micra the oil & filter gets changed after every event.
  15. SuperUno

    Fuel pump issues

    Never had an issue with the MOT, but ours is a full stage rally car, so there are allowances for rally cars and MOTs. Can't see most MOT testers having an issue with it.
  16. SuperUno

    K11 A/C DOES have a pollen filter. Its an import March so need help

    Removed the cams from the CG3A engine I bought just before lockdown (everyone was panic buying bog roll, I was panic buying engines ;) ) Turns out it is very nice inside, the cleanest I have ever seen a stock CG3A engine, no sludge at all. Not been apart before, clearly only done low miles and...
  17. SuperUno

    Fuel pump issues

    Check fuel pump relay, blue and down by your right foot when driving. They do fail, caused us some issues in the past, pump is now directly powered via a switch.
  18. SuperUno

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Roof felt I found you either end up with not enough (as you found) or way too much which you then store, and then find it is useless when you next need some... What flashing tape did you use? I need to re-felt our shed (tyre store) over the summer.
  19. SuperUno

    Agent_Sm1ths Activ

    Would one work for the dizzy cars?
  20. SuperUno

    1.4 Drinking Oil

    Every turbo thread on a CG engine when they blow, they blow no. 3....