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  1. curtis

    3 County Cruisers

    Come along, they have pool, a bar etc Just a general gathering to have a chat (Y)
  2. curtis

    Curtis' Almera GTI Blog

    As others have blogs on here thought i'd do one too :wasntme: This is my Nissan Almera GTI Picked it up with 73,000miles on the clock 10 Months MOT 2 Months Tax Janspeed exhuast system cat back So far i've just lowered it the other weekend, the pics are with just the front lowered When...
  3. curtis

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Arnold :) Just read the post and double checked on the birthday thingy! Got any plans? Have a good one (Y)
  4. curtis

    Fiesta problems

    Hi bought a fiesta xr2i Its the 1.6 8v 1991 model H reg Basically ive asked the question on the fiesta forum and they are crap to be honest lol The problem is that i fixed a leak in the rad by putting a new one in, then a hose started leaking, so fixed that Now everything i fix a leak i...
  5. curtis

    Song name :S

    I once again ask for the name of a song Can't find this one anywhere or who its by, so its a long shot on here but thought i'd try it Video: Cheers Curtis
  6. curtis

    The new toy :)

    My Dad came home with this on Friday, wish i took a picture of my face when he turned up lol Its the V6 model, but hes already talking twin turbo set-ups...
  7. curtis

    FS: K10 Piston Rings

    Forsale: Full set of MA10 piston rings (Very rare parts nowday, have to be made to order) Still boxed and packaged (sealed) £30 posted MA10 Block + recond pistons offers? K10 brand new CLUTCH CABLE Still in packing £10 posted Cheers for looking
  8. curtis

    Black alloys with good tyres! Swap?

    Set for 4 17" PCD = 100 4 stud Unsure of make Fits my N15 ph2 perfect Finished in a matt black paint, but could do with a respray imo Carbon look centre caps 205/45/R17 Tyres, Loads of tread!! Will get some pics of the tread etc Unsure on the make of tyre but will look tonight £150...
  9. curtis

    Proof that antony's cleaning habbit is addictive!

    At JAE Antony showed me HOW to clean my old engine bay, also helped :) Heres proof its contagious!! Me back at the camp @ JAE 2008 in the evening :P Bonnet and grill off
  10. curtis

    K10 LS Forsale CHEAP!

    Nissan Micra K10 LS Red 532 G Reg 5 speed gearbox 136,000 on dials, but 70K engine repaced, have pics to prove Sills replaced and welded for last MOT @ a cost of £400 to me All good tread on tyres Totally standard Replaced front wings about a year ago No rust! Replaced front shocks Both CV...
  11. curtis

    My old K10 sound :D

    This is a video of my old k10, now owned by K10franny But thought i'd post this up as i just loved the sound of it after all the work i did on it to get it sounds like it Note its in the wet and also didnt grip my in 2nd gear! lol Well Enjoy :)
  12. curtis

    Golden balls

    Anyone else ever watched it? I think im the only one who thinks its quite pointless really.. As: If you get to the end and you pick "split" then you might as well have picked steal and won it if they had picked would loose anyway, but if you choose steal, then you win...
  13. curtis


    Another one of those stories about scum people nicking stuff! A mates golf was parked in the hereford area over night Someone decided to nick his front fogs, after ripping them out, they took the time to strip back the original wires and twist them together!!!!! Therefore it would have...
  14. curtis

    Forum speak

    Set this up as we do get occasional questions about this subject... IMO - in my opinion FTW - for the win BUMP- back up my thread TBH - to be honest BTW- by the way LOL- laugh out loud LMAO- laugh my ass off IIRC- If i remember correctly AFAIK- as far as i know PLEASE ADD...
  15. curtis

    My Facebook got hacked!!

    Just a warning to you guys that my facebook got hacked the other day.. Basically i had a friend send me a message, but it wasn't them who sent it, i then opened it and clicked a link, but it didnt really do anything so didnt think anything of it, When i got back on the next day, i had sent...
  16. curtis

    I guess this is goodbye

    Hello guys/girls As ive sold my micra i guess im no longer 100% part of the msc :( I'll still be around on the forum trying to help out where i can etc But just thought i'd leave a quick message and say goodbye to the msc and the micra world, Its been fun :) Goodbye x
  17. curtis

    Wiper relay

    If you have a LS model etc you only get the 2 settings of speed But if you have a newer one or top trim type, you get intermittent as well Just wondering, apart from the control stalk, would it only need the relay changing to make it have the 3 settings? Thanks Curtis
  18. curtis

    Highly modified K10 For sale

    Basically im letting people know that if i get offered the right price i would probably sell Ive spent quite a bit of time and money on the car just like Matt did Car Nissan Micra K10 LS Nissan White Gearbox *5 speed manual Exterior *Full Hassle Back Body kit, side skirts, front and rear...
  19. curtis

    Bump stops

    I need to know what bump stops to use on my K10 KYB gas shocks as the side skirts are taking a battering from hard conering Any recomended websites would be helpful :) Many thanks Curtis
  20. curtis


    Whats Going On With The Forum? I cant post anything, i was lucky to get this thread up the way things are going! Its saying we have about 280 users online at 1pm and now near 300, that never happens Everything seems froozen, even the time at the bottom is still at 11.51am Any ideas? is...