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    regarding my 1988 gsx k10 and some super s dials

    hey guys, sorry to bother you, looking for some advice, I have a 1988 prefacelift gsx k10 and I recently purchased a set of super s dials because I would love to have the rev counter on my car, are these dials compatible with my car? any advice/info would be greatly appreciated, cheers :)
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    question about the prefacelift k10 bonnet

    hey guys, just a quick question, I have a preface lift k10, would I have any issue's fitting a k10 super turbo hood in replacement of the original hood, or is it a slightly different shape? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. cheers :)
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    K10 bundle bargain

    hey guys, i have a 1992 black nissan SUPER S with no tax and m.o.t but in good condition, a k10 super turbo hood, a webber twin carb set up, a fully rebuilt 1.0 k10 grasstrack engine rebuilt by dave walker and 421 exauhst manifold as well as a spare interior and im open to offers or £700 for the...
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    question about the toyota strarlet gt turbo spoiler?

    hey guys, just wondering how easy it would be to convert the starlet gt turbo spoiler to fit a k10? I seen one of the guys in maylay site do this to his st and I think it looks pretty cool
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    uprated clutch kit for k10

    where can I get a uprated clutch kit for a k10?
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    are people giving up on the K10?

    mabey im just being paranoid, but just lately it seems like some of the best k10's in the club are being sold up etc. are people loosing faith in the k10? I know its getting old now, but I think its simply a awesome lil car. guys please tell me Im wrong!? (not wanting to ruffle anyone's feathers...
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    UFO sighting

    Hey All, I saw something amazing tonight and I thought I'd share it with you all, I was walking to work and about half way to work at approx 9.45pm I was walking along a footpath that runs alongside a river on the housing estate I live on. their's barely any street lights on this footpath so It...
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    Update: Ok a few things have gone and a few things remain: anytakers on whats left, make me an offer as it has to go, also I added a coupla items to the list: Webber Carb + K&N air filter : PROVISIONALLY SOLD Super S tacho (the one inc the rev counter): SOLD New Pre-facelift k10 O/S front wing...
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    old skool 1985 k10 *no nipples on the boot*

    was looking through ebay and found this little beauty, theirs only a coupla days left on the auction and its only got 26,000 on the clock. A fine example of a old skool K10...
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    super interior

    Hello, does anyone have or know of the location of a super S interior for a 2 door in good nick? name your price :) cheers
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    hey guys, found a sexy K10 if anyone's on the hunt for one

    hey everyone, its 3.05am here and I just stumbled across this add, and I just had to come on here and let you fellow k10 enthusiasts see as well, ad was only posted thursday but I should imagine it will go quick, and I dont know if speedle agree's but from the photo's it looks like its got some...
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    K10 tubular manifold.

    I would like a 4-2-1 janspeed manifold for a k10? does such a thing exist and what are the benifits from such a thing? also whats the diffrence between a 4-2-1 manifold and a 4-1 manifold? cheers guys and merrx xmas :D