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    Who wants last of the good old K10s. Be quick!

    1991, K10, 71K, White, 2-Door, 1000cc, 5-speed, Looks all good & original,, Located Truro Cornwall. Shame about the blue sky asking price overage? Enjoy nine pics. :)
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    Who Wants Ya K11 on 52K 2002 @ £500

    2002 K11 on 52K & 6 months MOT @£500 located @ Cardiff? Looks good, needs hub caps & be quick if you want it? :)
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    Who Wants Low miles 30k FSH. 1300cc. 4-door K11 'Mystique' & New MOT

    Dealer FSH. Year 2K. £1050 ono. Located @ Bournemouth Aztec chromaflair paint....flip flop colours gold and red. Becoming rare now on FSH 30K & 19 years old. Get in quick.
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    Who wants a 1300cc Super S with New MOT?

    1.3 Super S Micra, 1993 absolutely original, Red, 70K £1250 ono. Located at Bournmouth Rare as hen’s teeth! Be quick. ;) Enjoy
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    Cheapest K11Insurance £115?

    Cheapest Insurance £115? What’s the best lowest price, one year fully comp motor insurance with RAC breakdown cover Included? Example I just paid £115 total for one year fully comp, with max ncd, RAC breakdown cover Included, plus legal cover for myself, partner and my brother for my 1300...
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    Nice K11 on 35K miles, shame about the high as a kite asking price £1100 in Bristol.

    Who loves ya baby to put a grand on it? Nice K11 on 35K miles, shame about the high as a kite asking price £1100 in Bristol. Enjoy. o_O
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    £600; Micra C+C Convertible Cabrio 2005 1.6 Petrol Manual £600

    Micra C+C Convertible Cabrio 2005 1.6 Petrol Manual £600 Who wants it, for summer; ~ located in Wincanton,Somerset. One day ago? . Reference: PS; 25 Feb Looks likes it’s been snapped up...
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    Fish Tank Up Cycling new use for an old K11?

    Thinking inside the K11 metal box? Enjoy! :cool: Reference:
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    Nice K11, shame about the price. Who loves Ya baby?

    K11 For Sale. 5 Door GX Sunroof, CD/Radio, E/W, PAS, 1998, Remote Locks/Alarm, 39,121 miles. FSH, New MOT Axminster, Devon £985.00? Enjoy!
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    How to Change a car battery without losing the radio/cd security code?

    I simply connect a 12v battery charger to the vehicle electrics to keep it powered up before disconnecting & replacing battery. I have done this three times on K11s in recent years without issue. This simple life hack is a lot less hassle then taking radios out & searching for security codes...
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    bought this K11 Micra for his girlfriend, nearly became his ex-girlfriend.

    Bloke bought this K11 Micra for his girlfriend, & she nearly became his ex-girlfriend. 1999 Nissan Micra 1.0 manual in white for sale £200 Enjoy.
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    K11 MICRA 14,996 miles! K11 NEW M.O.T

    Probably the best all original K11 for sale in the country? :cool: NISSAN MICRA 14,996 miles! K11 NEW M.O.T 11-MARCH-2019!, North Petherton, Somerset £1,595.00 Enjoy :):) Referance:
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    K10 Who wants ya baby?

    Micra Gs l200cc, F reg 1989, 29 years old, 104K mileage clean vgc, 5 month mot new cam belt new exhaust, 5 door. £550 ono Located @ Gloucestershire, Available now.
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    Dealer on A High

    Dealer On A High Asking £1995 on a K11 @ 39K FSH? Be quick or form an orderly queue? Reference; More front then a banker?
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    K9 Novelty Micra For Sale; ~ Pooper Scooper Extra £3350

    K9 Novelty Micra For Sale; ~ Pooper Scooper Extra £3350 Walkies anyone??
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    A day in the Life of a Fire Engine Red K11

    Bought a fire engine red K11, 1300 cc., hydraulic power steering, five doors 1999 with a year’s MOT, no advisories, eighteen service stamps and invoices to match. Looks, sounds and drives sweet just as it should, all good with a Kenwood radio CD thrown in all for £375! Happy days, all for less...
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    Micra Mad Van Man £250!

    Check this out! One seat eccentric or what?
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    K10. For Sale. 16,000 miles. 1991

    Deleted as could not get the link to work.
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    Micra 1.2 LX - K reg (1992) 51K £400 Plymouth location for sale!

    You might like 1992 K10 Nissan Micra - 988cc - Dec MoT - low miles - great condition, located Bude, North Devon.
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    1200cc SLX 1992 £395

    Excellent condition K 10. SLX 1200cc 1992. 59,000 miles! Nine pictures looks all good eye candy. £395. Bournemouth location. A rare find for K 10 Micra enthusiasts. Found on gumtree 31Dec. 2014. Enjoy at URL