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  1. hoodedreeper

    Crankshaft pulley nut size

    Could someone tell me what size socket I'll need to remove the crankshaft pulley nut please. Unfortunately I'm not with the spare engine or the car to check but need to buy the socket for tomorrow Many Thanks
  2. hoodedreeper

    Time for round 2

    Many years ago I attempted to turbo my red K11, and it seems I've gone full circle, not by buying another red K11 but going down the turbo route too. Spent the day over at Chloe's removing the CGA4DE from Lee's car. I caved into peer pressure and bought a manifold and turbo too (oops) I'll...
  3. hoodedreeper

    1.0 Coilpack to 1.3 dizzy

    Hello, I've searched and found most of my answers just need clarification. The car is a 2002 coilpack 1.0L I'd like to fit a 1.3 prefacelift dizzy engine. I understand the 1.0L gearbox, clutch, flywheel and driveshafts are to be used If I was to swap the heads over, would everything be...
  4. hoodedreeper

    Rear Matiz Lowering Springs & Corsa B Shocks

    I'm looking for some rear Matiz lowering springs and rear Corsa B shortened shocks
  5. hoodedreeper

    Hoodedreeper's K11 v3

    Déjà vu... Some may remember me, some may not. Heres a small introduction :) My name is Chris aka hoodedreeper, i'm 30 from Norwich,Norfolk. I've been a member of MSC for quite a few years. I started off with a green 1.0L pre-facelift K11 which started off well until an RTC ended its life...
  6. hoodedreeper

    Mighty Car Mods Super Turbos & Temples 2

    Moog and Marty head to Japan again for a road trip in Marty's new car (Nissan March Super Turbo)
  7. hoodedreeper

    Chris' R34 Skyline GTT Series 2

    * Copied and pasted from the Skyline forum * Time was drawing in closer for when i break my Supercharged MX5 ready to fund an R34 GTT. I wouldnt be a true car enthusiast if i wasn't already looking for cars on the interweb. My fingers were starting to hurt after refreshing various selling and...
  8. hoodedreeper

    Time has flown by!

    I received a notification the other day saying i've been a member for 10 years now,woah. Where has that time gone? Heres a pic of my two K11s </3
  9. hoodedreeper

    Silverstone Classic

    Yesterday was a very very wet day at Silverstone Classic. Full Album can be seen here:
  10. hoodedreeper

    Snetterton Charity Motor Show Photos

    Overcast skies loomed over Snetterton Circuit yesterday for the Charity Motor Show hosted by Shawn Taylor Racing. The grey skies didnt put off the hundreds that turned out to help support a good cause. With the que lining up along side the Paddock Area,the various class of cars steadily flowed...
  11. hoodedreeper

    Hoodedreeper's MX5 - The Purple Monster

    You'll probably know I had engine fire in my White MX5 Turbo. Currently stripping it down and theres just too much to replace. Not as simple as putting another engine in,every hose has been damaged aswell as the wiring loom. It may have been cost effective to change everything,but having a front...
  12. hoodedreeper

    Trax 2013 Photos

    Took a trip up North to Silverstone for Trax this morning. I haven't been to Trax since 2008 so it was good to see the show has evolved and grown so much! Certainly wasn't disappointed by the turn out,as the whole place was packed full of cars! Unfortunately come lunch time the heavens opened...
  13. hoodedreeper

    BDC Round 4 Lydden Hill

    To view the whole album please follow this link:
  14. hoodedreeper

    Norfolk Arena Charity Evening 13-07-13

    What an awesome evening! Was good to meet some new and old faces,looks like everyone had fun! Congrats to Malx and Minnie for organizing it and for raising £2000 that evening! The rest can be seen on my Photography Page...
  15. hoodedreeper

    JapShow 2013 Photos

    Headed up to Santa Pod yesterday for the JapShow. Was a very good day,scorching hot weather and some impressive cars on display and on the drag strip! Here are a couple of photos. For the rest of the Album please follow this link: > JapShow 2013 Show Photos < Please LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE :)
  16. hoodedreeper

    Skyline C210

    Went to a local classic car show yesterday and this lil beaut pulled up,i had to share the photos! For the rest of the album,please > Follow This Link <
  17. hoodedreeper

    F/S: Modified Nationals Tickets

    Item: Modified Nationals Tickets Location: Norwich,Norfolk Condition: New Reason for selling: No longer required Price: £40.00 each I've got a couple of VIP Driver Weekend tickets for sale for Modified Nationals 24-26th May at Peterborough Showground £40.00 each
  18. hoodedreeper

    F/S: 22mm ARB Bushes/TIM Rev Gauge/K11 1.3 Dizzy

    Item: 22mm ARB Bushes/TIM Rev Gauge/K11 1.3 Dizzy Location: Norwich,Norfolk Condition: Used Reason for selling: No Longer Needed Price: 00.00 22mm Poly Anti Roll Bar Bushes (came with my Whiteline ARB) £8.00 posted UK Mainland K11 CG13 Distributor complete with Dizzy Cap &amp; Rotor...
  19. hoodedreeper

    F/S: Bonnet Pins &amp; Aero Cups

    Item: Bonnet Pins &amp; Aero Cups Location: Norwich,Norfolk Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: No Longer Needed Price: £35.00 *BRAND NEW* Bonnet Pins &amp; Aero Cups £35.00 posted UK Mainland £30.00 Collected Norwich
  20. hoodedreeper

    F/S: Breaking Modified K11

    Item: Breaking Modified K11 Location: Norwich,Norfolk Condition: Used Reason for selling: time to move on :( Price: £00.00 I've had a few Swap offers since putting this up for sale and also a couple of cash offers,but unfortunately nothing in the region that i'm looking at. The car will now...