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    Cooling system overheating

    I've just renewed the anti-freeze in my 2001 K11 Micra 1.4 SE, and now after a run it is overheating - the temp. gauge needle went into the red after about four miles. I suspect an air lock in the system as it didn't take the full quantity of coolant when topping up. Any tips on bleeding the...
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    Does anyone know which manufacturer's team famously put the co-driver in the back seat of their 1980’s World Rally Championship cars? I've tried Google, but to no avail. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Gearbox breather hose, Micra 1.4 SE (2001)

    What is the breather hose from the gearbox attached to at its other end, which is curved like a hook? Would it be the carbon canister? Haynes manual doesn't show it. Thanks in anticipation!
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    Stereo Radio For Sale

    JVC KD-R301 Stereo CD/Receiver (from my K11 Micra) with detachable front head unit. Excellent condition, and still with original box. New car with built-in sound system renders this one redundant. Original cost £100. Asking price £25.
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    Carpet Mats

    For K11 Micra, two front carpet mats, genuine Nissan, black in good condition. £12.
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    Micra K11 GX 1999 For Sale

    After 9 trouble-free years of ownership, I now need a bigger car. So my 1999 (almost classic!) 5-door Micra 1.0 L GX is up for sale. Regularly serviced, bills and receipts kept since 1999, including past MOT certs. This car is thoroughly reliable, starts first time, runs well, has no fluid...
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    Handbrake set-up procedure

    I would like to know whether it is ok to set up the correct handbrake adjustment on the K11 by: 1. Slackening off the handbrake adjustment screw until cables are fully slack. 2. Fully retracting handbrake operating lever inside each brake drum via a tool pushed through the...
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    Micra 1.4 l SE won't start

    A strange problem has arisen with my 2001 Micra. It wouldn't start this evening and I used it okay yesterday, filled up with petrol and put it in the garage and haven't used it, until I tried to start it this evening. It has always run fine before, the battery is nearly new and fully charged...
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    Heater Temp Control Knob Slips

    How can I fix the above problem, as heater is stuck in cold mode and the temp. control won't turn on the heat! (The heating system doesn't have air-con).
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    Replacing driver's seat belt

    I have a used seat belt (from a scappy) for my 1999 5-door GX and just before fitting it I noticed it seems to be "locked" in the fully retracted position. Is there a way to "unlock" it so that I can uncoil the belt? It is the pre-tensioner type so I need to be careful I don't set off the...
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    sony cdx 2000 car stereo

    Does anyone have a detachable head unit for the above radio/cd player they want to sell?
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    2001 1.4 ltr engine - slight hesitation at speed.

    When travelling at 60 - 65 mph, the engine hesitates slightly when accelerating from 3rd to 4th gear, or after backing off the accelerator and then accelerating again in 4th gear. This is more noticeable when going up an incline. The engine is smooth at all other speeds and conditions including...
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    WANTED: Tailgate Struts

    I need a pair of tailgate struts for my 2001 Micra 1.4 SE (five door). Anyone breaking a K11 with struts in good working order for sale? Thanks.
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    Auxilliary Drive Belts

    Has anyone produced a "How To" on renewing the two aux. drive belts on a K11 Special Edition (2001) model Micra with a 1.4 litre engine and air con? Thanks in anticipation.
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    Electric Window Switch with Plug

    For 2001 Micra 1.4 SE, passenger door window switch with connecting plug underneath. Thanks.
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    1999 Micra GX Driver's Seat-Belt (Black)

    Does anyone have for sale a black one of the above in good condition for my 5-door Micra? MoT is imminent. Thanks.
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    No Spark - Kll 1.0 GX (1999)

    My Micra won't start. I made a journey to work when it was running normally and has been for the past seven years! Then when I went to start it for the homeward journey it refused to. There have been no signs of misfiring or poor running - this refusal to start just happened out of the blue...
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    1999 Micra GX Condenser

    Has anyone changed a condenser in the distributor of one of the above models? Any special tools needed or precautions to take?
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    Driver's Seatbelt - 1999 Micra GX 5-door

    How do I change the driver's seat belt? Any special tools needed or special points to look out for? Are the seatbelts the same, i.e. interchangeable) on all K11 models? Thanks in anticipation of some good advice.
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    Has anyone got a Sony CDX S2000 Radio-CD stereo for sale, please?