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    electrical fault.

    Most gauges and thier sensors want a constant voltage, if the alternator isn't supplying this they could act up, there's replaceable brushes and voltage regulator on most alternators or you might be able to swap with a known working alternator or brushes / voltage regulator.
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    Intermittent starting issue – Suggestions please as Micra too good to scrap

    I'm wondering if it might be related to the lines running to the carbon canister, there's a valve on the gearbox end of the head that closes once hot, it might be a cause to your child start issues.
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    Micra 1.0 fuel consumption

    That's a gearbox breather, goes up but then connects no where so it doesn't suck in water. There's a suction line goes from the throttle body to a valve on the gearbox end of the head that opens once hot, other end should be connected to the carbon canister might produce your symptoms.
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    Micra 1.0 fuel consumption

    I'd consider getting some MAF cleaner and giving your MAF a clean, should be routine maintenance imo, don't touch the little wire!
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    Airbox upgrade. Advice please.

    We are getting off topic but my ECU is a Nistuned factory ECU and the table holds the factory tune which I believe the original poster probably has, MS might work differently... About your query, the ECU can perform a calculation to take the airflow and divide by rpm to get a figure like airflow...
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    Airbox upgrade. Advice please.

    Well an exhaust leak allows in oxygen, that the o2 sensor reads as running too lean so it adjusts fuel trims to compensate, adding more fuel, when you disconnected the o2 sensor it probably went back to it's safe values that are likely slightly rich as this safer than a lean mixture when the ECU...
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    Airbox upgrade. Advice please.

    The fuel map has rpm on one axis and load measured by the value from the MAF Mass Air Flow meter on the other axis. If you get a better air intake that is able to flow more air the MAF will read more air passing it, will therefore add more fuel and perhaps move load sites on the map. If as I...
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    Coilpack CG10DE pistons in CG13DE

    I've what I think are cr12 pistons the gudgeon pin is the same diameter as the cg13 so is the pin to top of piston height, there's a dish so probably not the best for compression ratio increase.
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    Article on micras.

    Does it feel like it's pushing against the brakes as you slow down ? I have had issues with the cvt powder clutch that we ended up diagnosing as this, you could also have a look at the brushes if you haven't already.
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    Issues with my Micra s k11(2000)

    Fair enough, sorry I'm only used to dealing with the dizzy engines as it's all we got here.
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    Issues with my Micra s k11(2000)

    I'm running a ga15 throttle body the MAF seems identical to the cg13 one and we didn't change anything in nistune.
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    Ran out of petrol now car is misfiring

    There's a filter sock on the end of the in tank pump that might be blocked.
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    '96 k11 shopping trolley. Crikey, there's three of them now!

    They're stickers on the 2 door lx I have here, there's a couple of people on the Australian micra Facebook doing replica stickers etc from memory. Disk brake rear ends were only on the Super S here so are pretty sought after, there's a few people who seem to part a car 6 months after buying it...
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    '96 k11 shopping trolley. Crikey, there's three of them now!

    Given the ingenuity and standard of work you've done on your imp I'm really interested to see what you do with this. Cg13de are still relatively common in Australia add they were the only engine available, sadly the k11s are becoming fewer though. If you need some parts I might be able to help.
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    Low mileage K11 starting and running problems

    I'd try cleaning the MAF sensor with some MAF cleaner, on the water in the fuel theme I had an old Camry that got a bad batch of fuel, tried draining the tank etc what cleared it up was putting a bottle of methylated spirits in the tank with a tank of fuel, I was sceptical at first but it...
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    K11 eps fault

    I'm only going off experience with my sister's i30 but it'll have a sensor to detect steering position on the steering column, if this is out of sync then it's likely to provide assistance to turn the direction it thinks you are wanting to go, if that makes sense. After I replaced a steering...
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    8 bar of pressure on 3 cylinders

    So if my back of napkin maths is correct it's 60 degrees ABDC that the valve is closing or 1/3 of the stroke in terms of angle, but that's not the same as the piston, so I figure the piston is 1/4 The way up the bore as the valves close. 0.75 x 10.5 = 7.875 so 8 bar is pretty close.
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    Finding Micra parts should be easy...

    Try it now(in my original post), I just copied and pasted the link and the forum software looks to have tried to do something clever with it that didn't work.
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    wheel alignment problems

    I've had the pillow bearings I think they're called go on the top of the struts on another car I owned, it would feel like it stepped sideways as I loaded up the outside wheel going round a corner.
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    Finding Micra parts should be easy...

    You could try looking up your car on here, once you find the part it shows other part numbers and what other vehicles the same part was used in.