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  1. nesty

    New Towbar

    I got around to getting a Towbar fitted to the K11, needed to create some more space and carriage options!
  2. nesty

    Decent hub caps for 13' wheel to replace OEM

    Ok don't crucify on this, as I know many will just say go to Alloys! I have aging OEM hubcaps on steel wheels, stock originals, though they looking a bit crap. The obvious time consuming thing is to sand down and re-paint, though before I do that in spring 2021, is there any real decent hub...
  3. nesty

    Pre-facelift sunroof drain tubes, where do they drain too?

    I have a pre-facelift model, both my footwells are damp. I have noticed this more recently due to the weather, (getting condensation on inside of the windscreen) and that damp smell. The upper footwells dry, so it's not coming down from the windscreen area. I can only assume it's the sunroof...
  4. nesty

    Pre-facelift rocker cover screws replacement for bolts.

    My rocker cover is slightly leaking, probably original rocker cover gasket on there (it hasn't lasted too bad), though on most of the you- tube instructional videos they undo bolts (coil pack), looks much easier, whereas mine has screws. I know, as soon as I turn them the heads will mush. If I...
  5. nesty

    Genuine Nissan rear Spoiler (how to fit), without drilling

    Can a genuine Nissan rear tailgate spoiler be fitted without drilling? I am thinking about one, mainly to cover up my bad upper window seal peel & to make the car look that bit cooler!
  6. nesty

    Seat Covers

    Anyone have any recommendations for decent seat covers for a K11 5 door pre facelift stock seats? Thanks
  7. nesty

    Micra K11 tailgates

    Is there any difference in a pre face lift tailgates to a post facelift ones? Tryin to work out if the rear screen are different, in any way. Thanks
  8. nesty

    HT Lead keeps popping off

    Hi I am not sure if anyone else experienced this in the past with stock HT leads. I bought a new set of Lucas leads and no 2 from the left (standing at front of the car), keeps popping off the spark plug after a short while. I had a set of pro-spark ones prior and the same happened, but the pop...
  9. nesty

    Window Tinting - Hertfordshire area

    Hi I know this has been talked about before, but I couldn't find any recent threads on recommendations. I have a 5 door, but looking to get the rears limo tinted, as I have been carrying stuff in the back recently and don't want passer by's peering in. I know some self install kits on online...
  10. nesty

    Engine revs remain high when slowing down.

    I have a 1.3 CVT, recently this week seems to developed an annoying fault. The vehicle still runs, but naturally wouldn’t prefer this issue. When travelling at speed, the vehicle slows down, but the engine revs remain fairly high, it’s not until you come to an almost standstill, that it goes...
  11. nesty

    Engine mounts locations 1.3 CVT (1994)

    I think need to change my engine mounts, as getting a slight judder when accelerating, they are still the originals! I can see one on the left (looking at car from front) & one under the battery tray. Is there another one further up towards centre? Fairly straightforward to do DIY? Thanks
  12. nesty

    Oil extractors has anyone used one on a K11, any good?

    I have to do a oil gearbox change on my K11 CVT, last year lightly tried to get the very tight sump plug off to no avail, but haven't tried upping the torque options yet on that, but looking at a option of a oil pump extractor to avoid the sump plug issue!
  13. nesty

    K11 Windscreen washer jets replacements

    My washer jets require replacing does anyone know where can get new replacements?
  14. nesty

    LED - Sidelights

    Anybody running LED side lights in there K11 Micra. I have fitted some Osram Nightbreakers dipped beams, but I know they won't last long as standard H4, though mostly my conditions of driving is dawn and dusk and want some brighter side lights, so can use them a bit more, looking at LED's are...
  15. nesty

    Headlight Bulbs

    One of my headlight bulbs gone and thinking now a good time to go for a better bulb pairing ,as the existing ones throw not brilliant. Looking at the Osram Nightbreakers, though seems a wide choice for H4? Any recommendations?
  16. nesty

    Engine mounts replacement

    Upon acceleration I seem to be getting a bit of judder, nothing major though the engine mounts are original and probably the problem, are these a pig to replace?
  17. nesty

    Metallic rattle sound from engine

    Recently, I have been getting this strange metallic rattle sound from engine. It’s not constant be come on frequently, all I can describe it like when you have a lawnmower with a roller and you drag it over stones, you get a high pitched sound. It doesn't get louder with engine revs. I’ll try...
  18. nesty

    K11 temperature needle high and no hot matrix air

    Hi I have a slight issue with my K11 Micra, been driving fine, then tonight I noticed the heather matrix blowing cold air on hot, then temperature needle going high sometimes slightly into the red, but didn’t overheat. The fan doesn’t seems to kick in and then the needle goes slightly down then...
  19. nesty

    Micra K11 - Faulty injector (easy change out)?

    My Micra (non coil pack), started running a bit ropey recently. I changed the plugs and HT Leads, as they hadn't been changed for a while and it was still running ropey. Seemed like on 3 cylinders. I unplugged the injector on number 1 and the engine speed didn't change. A faulty injector...
  20. nesty

    K11 Standard Exhaust full system

    Anyone had a full standard system fitted to their K11 recently? Wondered if any outlets cheapers then others? Looks like I need one for my K11 CVT. Getting the horse mane coming out of the pipe now!