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    K12 driver seat renewal

    My 2003 micra K12 drivers seat is really worn by now. The cushioning under my butt has given in to my years of sitting on it. The seat has a side airbag and height adjustment (K12 2003, S). On eBay I bought a K12 2005, E drivers seat. No side airbag. No height adjuster. But that's OK.. As...
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    Hello Micra Owners, I have a dodgy back. I owned a 2003 3 door K12 Micra S for 15 years. Back was so happy. It's the old style slab seat. I know it's crazy but it worked for me. Just bought a 2008 Micra Activ Luxury. Still K12 but 5 door. 1.4 litre etc. It has much nicer seats. Part leather...