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  1. Al Shore

    F/S K11C (coilpack) 1.0

    Hi guy's, right just got her back from the garage, turns out it was the most simple of things, corroded wire stopping the signal from getting to the injectors. This has now been replaced and sorted. Selling the Micra due to having a new car now cos I'm such a fool, and I just can't afford to...
  2. Al Shore

    Coilpack K11 engine

    As above really, looking at some rebuilt ones online for around £300, but can't afford that kinda cash but need to make my car reliable again, thoughts are might as well upgrade the power while I'm at it, so wont be needing things like flywheel, or ancillaries :P drop me a message if you know of...
  3. Al Shore

    Fuelling issues?

    Hi guy's, i can pretty much guarantee that someone will have covered this at some point, but I couldn't decide on my problem lol. Basically it won't start, most of the time, well it started a few weeks back but I could get it to start after a few minutes. I turn the key an it goes...
  4. Al Shore

    Mechanically minded person :D

    Hi guy's just wondering if anyone with working knowledge of the suspension might fancy earning some beer tokens. Ive got the new springs, but lack the confidence to crack on, fearing really messing it up. So if any kind soul in lichfield/brum kinda area fancies tutoring a dunce for an afternoon...
  5. Al Shore

    Brake Upgrades

    Hi Guy's, right in my kitchen awaiting a rebuild I've got a set of pulsar calipers w disks and pads, but my question of that day is.... When I fit these calipers etc, will I still be able to fit ABS (and have it work?) for Ideally I would like to have both, but if i have to choose, I will :D
  6. Al Shore

    wanted 1.3

    Right, I've had it with the goddamn coilpack, so many issues! (mainly my fault) but since this issue with the brake lights its really irritating. So I've had a chat with a couple o mates, and well my decision is to rip out the old engine, loom and ecu and thus locksets too. So if anyones got a...
  7. Al Shore

    Electrical issue

    right this is quite a funny one, i noticed when i brake the lights on my dash came on, along with my brake lights and my sidelights when i turn the sidelights on, they come on along with the dash lights, and all 3 brake lights, headlights work just the same with all 3 brake lights showing. Now I...
  8. Al Shore

    Lean - rich

    Hi again, fitted my air/fuel ratio gauge yesterday, took it out for a drive to see how things are running (vids to follow when I've got a friend to hold the camera). As i expected it was running rich contantly with the red qg injectors an induction it, only time it stopped was when really...
  9. Al Shore

    set of 1.3 cams

    as above, willing to pay postage or come collect if your not too far hehehe, Ta!
  10. Al Shore

    Coilpack ECU

    Hi Guy's I've been delving through the site (and the web) trying to find a pinout for the coilpack micra's ECU. Basically looking to fit a air/fuel ratio gauge but the kind that doesnt come with a sensor for the exhaust :( so I've got to connect it to the 02 sensor wire coming into the ECU, I...
  11. Al Shore

    Radiator - K11 coilpack

    Hi guy's, if anyones got a radiator that'll fit in my micra they don't need/want let me know mines started seeping, very slow but still a bugger lols
  12. Al Shore

    spigot rings

    Hi guys been looking about online, looks like ive found an odd size, 59.1 - 66.2 :S Anyone know anywhere?
  13. Al Shore

    Dreaded dreaded, full steer lock

    Ok, that time came this morning, took her in to have the new tyres put on and at full lock pulling into the workshop came a horrible grinding sound, so soon as I got home, (as they woulnd't allow me the use of their jacks to have a gander:P) I jumped underneath to check the CV joints/boots but...
  14. Al Shore

    Excel super light alloys

    Hi Guy's Just got a set of the above off a mate for dirt dirt cheap as they've beeen in his garage for years, couple of questions though, they are 14 X 6J, cant see anything saying an ET on tehm, but they do say EX-317, really deep from the front to the back, as if the front sits right on the...
  15. Al Shore

    Fusion 300W sub and amp

    Hi guy's, Got a 300W Fusion Sub and Amp going, £55 ono, also got some 6X9's with a 200W amp for £45 all prices are collected, can deliver for fuel costs =D
  16. Al Shore

    inlet mani/ throttle body choices

    Hi Guys, putting together a new inlet set-up for my micra, have had a couple of issues when trying to match up throttle body with my loom, This plug wont attach to the corresponding plug (below) 5 pins on the loom - 3 pins on the TB recent developments have led me to believe that the TB won't...
  17. Al Shore


    Right, Hi guy's today I have a pair (yep, 2!) of GA16 throttle bodies-one of which was purchased off solaris along with the ECU., the other I removed from an almera thinking it would be useful =D Unfortunately I am a bit dumb and failed to read so far as it says that the ECU was for the old...
  18. Al Shore

    Mistake, after mistake

    Right, I really need to pay a bit more attention to what I'm doing, Have just received GA16 TB and ECU (modded to fit 1.3 pre-nats) and well if i had a pre-coilpack version I would be a very happy man now, but unfortunately the pinouts are wrong for the K11C Anyone got any idea's how i can get...
  19. Al Shore

    swopping Maf's?

    Right little thought, would it be possible to swop the MAF from a GA14 and replace with teh MAF off GA16? still trying to find a way around this one :P
  20. Al Shore

    ...heard it all before :P

    right, I am a fool, I know this, I like trying things, then asking for help :P was reading about teh airbox throttle body an injectors from almera to K11, thgouht to myself I can do that =D An I could, if it weas a simple straight swop...? I then thought to myself, well maybe just maybe it's...