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  1. minunel

    Are these tail lights Legal ?

    Hi all, Looking to buy these taillights but not sure if they`re legal. Seller sais they are but ... What do you guys think ? I `d love the mirror blacked ones.
  2. minunel

    K&N 57i INDUCTION KIT Nissan Micra K12

    Hi all, I want to buy the KN induction kit for my K12 micra but I`m confused big time. When I`m searching for it on ebay or other websites I see one picture that shows loads of parts but than on their page it explains that the actual product will look different . From what I saw it`s 2 pipes...
  3. minunel

    My 2005 K12 1.2 Micra ~ by minunel ~

    Hi all, Newborn here with a micra on his hands :lol: I see so many blogs and I was thinking I should start one to keep track of my little tuneups doing to my little micra. I had a k11 micra that the company I work for gave me for driving from home to the office but somewhere in April this...