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  1. LiamC

    My K10 project

    So, after being in the Micra game for about 3 years now, I finally got myself into gear and did something I always wanted and buy myself a K10. I own two K11s currently so I only thought it fair to add to the collection. It's a 1991 MA10 4 speed, not sure on the exact model and spec but I gather...
  2. LiamC

    Whiteline woes

    Good evening micras peoples. Recently I lowered my car, using matt Humphris springs and an early style whiteline panhard rod, with the adjuster right up at the end that goes to the body. All was going well in he low life, until I started getting a distinct 'death knock' and a shudder at speeds...
  3. LiamC

    Polybushes and strut braces

    Hello people of knowledge. I'm looking to get your opinions on here about suspension stiffening, in terms of removing flex. Basically I bought a fairly modified micra (suspension wise) to break for parts since it's been crashed about a thousand times and no longer has any sills. I've stripped...
  4. LiamC

    Rev counter clocks for sale

    Set of rev counter clocks for sale for a facelift. 151,000 miles. 25 euro, 12 euro for post to England
  5. LiamC

    Buying another Micra

    Hello to everyone on the k10 side. My name is Liam, I've been on the forum here for nearly 2 years now. I have a 98 K11 (I don't know if anyone has read my blog) Introduction over, now for the reason I'm posting. For a while I have been looking for a nice clean k10 here in Ireland. They are...
  6. LiamC

    March parts

    Some march and micra parts for sale, located in Ireland. Reasonable offers accepted. Prices exclude postage. Dash pod in good condition, 60 euro (sold) March wind deflectors for a 4 door, 45 euro 2 sets of pre facelift March lights, one wired for pre facelift micras already, the other...
  7. LiamC

    Early pre facelift grille

    Looking for a early pre facelift grill (pre 96) preferably in AP0. Picture to show the colour Sent from my SM-G903F using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  8. LiamC

    My Little Micra

    Hello everyone. My name is Liam and I'm from the Midlands of Ireland. I recently got my first car but I've been looking on these forums for a while now. It's a 1998, 1 litre with 90-ish thousand miles. It has its fair share of little scratches and dents, and a big one on the bootlid and the...
  9. LiamC


    OMP strut brace if there's any around Sent from my SM-G903F using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  10. LiamC

    March rear lights

    Does anyone know how to wire these lights up to fit a pre facelift Sent all the way from Ireland through the Internets
  11. LiamC

    March 4 door wind deflectors

    Set of all 4 wind deflectors off a March, with all clips included. Looking for 50 pounds posted from Ireland
  12. LiamC

    K11 Super S tow hook cover

    Looking for a super s tow eye cover, if anyone has one
  13. LiamC

    Super S lights

    Wanted, super s lights that can be posted to Ireland
  14. LiamC

    New micra

    So I'm starting driving soon, and I was looking at a car the other day. It's a 98 pre facelift red 3 door, but it's high mileage (140000) and it's showing its age. The right sill is gone at the rear, the boot latch is messed up, the throttle is very unresponsive and the gear lever doesn't return...