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    Head Unit + Speakers Question

    I have just installed a FLI Head Unit in my car, use supplied harness adapter, and all works fine apart from the face everytime the ignition is switched off all the presets are lost, I have heard its a case of swapping a couple of wires over, is this correct? I have bought this head unit and...
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    Paint/Bodywork Garage

    Hi people, I have had my car for a good few months now, and when i bought it there were various dents/scrapes on the car, and now I have managed to add to that, and I have had enough of it looking like it. So I have decided I'd like a professional spray/bodywork shop to sort it out for me, I'm...
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    Paint/Bodywork Garage

    ignore, Its meant to be in another section of the forum, see Micra K11
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    Sound louder from drivers side speaker

    I think im going mad, but the speaker on drivers side sounds louder than the passenger side, i dont know if its just me, but i didnt really notice it before. Equal Sound is definately coming from both. But it just sounds like there is nothing coming from the passenger side speaker, I think im...
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    Hello People!

    Hi people, after searching the forum for various things I needed answers to, and finding it useful and interesting, I have decided I should really join in on the forums, I bought '97 K11 micra just over a month ago, and im very pleased with, best car i have owned so far. Great little car for...