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  1. Hugh

    Nissan Micra DIG-S
  2. Hugh

    North East Members Anyone There?

    Right it's been a while since there's been any interest from the NE lot. So is there anyone left old or new or have things died off??
  3. Hugh

    Classic Car Meet at the Whiterose Centre 3rd of May

    Hi all, Anyone else fancy popping along to this??
  4. Hugh

    Came across this meet on Saturday (10th April).

    Found this meet going on near me on Saturday night. Apologies for the pics as I only had my phone with me at the time. Some nice cars and a lovely massive v8 Nissan pickup :) Enjoy!!
  5. Hugh


    Anyone else here use this? Have just set it up on a spare machine and can't belive how cool it is.
  6. Hugh

    Shallow mount speakers that don't need spacers.

    Here's a quick list of (6.5" - 17cm) comps and full range co-axials that will fit the K11 (all models) without issue: Feel free to add any others you may find also. Components: (6.5" - 17cm) Alpine SPE-17SF Shallow Mount FLI Audio Integrator COMP6 FLI-UNDERGROUND-FU6-COMPONENTS JBL GT5-650C...
  7. Hugh

    New Car

    Well I'm now the proud owner of a 08 Toyota Avensis T180 :)
  8. Hugh

    New Big Ferrybridge Meet Saturday 28th November 2009!!!

    Well it's been a while. How about a meet sometime towards the end of the month then, and perhaps an all encompassing North Meet as well???
  9. Hugh

    Time for a new meet

    Right, we're into 2009 and I think it's time for another meet. So do we have another North East meet or should we have another North Meet? Let me know what you guys think and we'll sort dates out later.
  10. Hugh

    Micra Speaker Info

    K11 Front 16.5-17cm (6.5") Max Mounting depth is 54mm without spacers. If anyone wants to add further info such as K10 and K12 that would be great and I'll edit the info for everyone.
  11. Hugh

    North East Meet 27th Sept Teesside Park

    Just thought I'd stick this up again to remind everyone. Meet at Teeside Park for 6pm Boldon meet up at Storybook at 5pm leave at 5:20pm Any questions ask. Info:
  12. Hugh

    NE meet 22nd of September

    Right all hopefully this meet will happen on the 22nd. Meet at Boldon ( The Story Book Car park) around 5:30pm then move onto Bowling at the Galleries for around 6pm. Any questions just ask, all are welcome members or not. Place your names if your going and if bowling or not 1...
  13. Hugh

    Spotted In Sunderland

    Spotted this today outside my work, so come on who was it!!!? Rather nice K12 by the way!
  14. Hugh

    Karting Meet

    Right I'm gaging interest for a Karting Meet in May, will give date once we know how many are interested. This is open to all members non members, and anyone else up for a laugh!. So please add name if you are and if you'd be up for racing or spectating: 1. Hugh (Racing)
  15. Hugh

    Next North East Meet

    Well it looks like it's time to arrange another get together. So anyone have any ideas on what to do or location? Plus we need to sort out our Rep as Neil is still listed
  16. Hugh

    Time for a new north east meet

    Right, I think it's time we had another north east meet, and not a meeting a some other event / venue. We used to be the most active for meets, so how about we try to attempt at least one for the future, things have changed and people have moved on, but if we don't try to keep things going and...
  17. Hugh

    New HU

    Well as my Pioneer P77 is on it's last legs iwth a facia that won't stay clipped in and problems with ejecting CD's I've decided to treat myself to the following JVC KD-SHX751 Specs here:
  18. Hugh

    Pics from Latest North East Meet!

    Here are the pics from the meet Enjoy!
  19. Hugh

    Next North East Meet

    Just wondering if there are any plans for a meet soon? It's around Sept that we usually have the karting meet.
  20. Hugh

    New Head Unit Time!!

    Well I've finally managed to kill my Pioneer DEHP77MP HU. It's been modded and repaired several times but now it's well and truelly busted. Manged to deform part of the face plate that locks into the main unit, so now it won't stay in place, it just falls down. So I'm looking into a new one...