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  1. paddymarsden

    K12 1.2 s ignition acc no power

    Hi all, been a very long time since I posted on here. I have bought my girlfriend a k12 1.2 s and when the key is at position number 1 or two the radio or lights Dont come on. The car starts when turned fully. Is this an ignition switch fault? I have read it was a known problem with this era of...
  2. paddymarsden

    Hello Strangers!

    Hi Guys n Girls, Just thought I would say hello and see how your all doing, I only speak to "msc'ers" occasionally on Facebook and I do miss the whole club/forum friendship thing, if I can call it that haha. I still have the Iggy Sport and all is well after its first clutch swap at 80K :/ As...
  3. paddymarsden

    HTC Desire and Original Xbox

    Hi guys, im selling my VGC HTC Desire on ebay here is the link if anyone is interested. Im also selling an original Xbox :) HTC Xbox...
  4. paddymarsden

    Acer Aspire One, 222GB, 1.33GHz Intel Atom, 2GB RAM, Webcam, Wifi, inc charger, 11.6"

    I have this for sale on ebay if anyone is interested, great little netbook
  5. paddymarsden

    Ergotron LCD mount (clamp onto desk)

    Hi Everybody Im selling my Ergotron single LCD swing arm on ebay if anyone is interested
  6. paddymarsden

    This is what i missed JAE for...

    Just started to decorate and make it my home, nice big drive for my pride n joy also.
  7. paddymarsden

    Bloodhound SSC

    Hi Guys n Girls Just thought i'd let you know that the company I work for (Hampson Industries) will be making a large proportion of the new Bloodhound SSC car and there are some opportunities available for you can have your name on the actual fin of the car...
  8. paddymarsden

    JAE camping Ticket - Including 3 BBQ's £25

    Hey, i have a JAE camping ticket for sale as i cant due to buying a house (i know pretty last minute) cost me £35 so will sell for £25 to anyone who needs one! cheers
  9. paddymarsden

    FOR SALE -Suzuki Ignis Sport

    Yip that's right Im selling my beloved'd Ignis Sport, Basically im buying a house and to save money on Ins, Tax and Petrol im selling it and downsizing to something cheap to run. Currently on 63k miles I will probably sell it as standard but would consider selling as it is below. Spec list...
  10. paddymarsden

    Creamfields 2010

    Hey y'all Just wondering if anyone is going to Creamfields this year, me and my mates just booked our tickets. Cant wait !
  11. paddymarsden

    Gear4 - Anyone got one of these ?

    Anyone got one of these ? Ive ordered one as i need a decent ipod dock.
  12. paddymarsden

    Forgot to mention...

    I had a go in this a few weeks ago :) Our company car scheme at work allows you to test a car before buying it and im very friendly with the director who was testing this. It was a lovley car to drive but as you can tell it was pretty icey so not the best on the B roads. Took it up for...
  13. paddymarsden

    Happy Birthday James !

    Happy Birthday James Ya old sod ;) have a gooden
  14. paddymarsden

    British Motor Show 2010 Its such a shame that this isnt happening again for the second year running, i know there is the Pistonheads show but i personally the Motor Show has a certain spark that makes it so good. Cant see us having another show for a few years :(
  15. paddymarsden


    Dont know about the rest of you but i cant get into work (im traumatised) here are a few pics.
  16. paddymarsden

    V10 E30 M3 build

    Im pretty sure this hasnt been posted on here before but take a look at the work thats gone into putting a V10 into an old M3! Enjoy, Lots of pictures so 56k beware
  17. paddymarsden

    Possible next car?

    I love the Iggy but i think as its coming to 60k and having owned it for just over 2 years its time for a change of motor! Im looking for the moment as i only plan to change in 3-4 months. I want to stay Jap but im unsure what i want and need some help from you guys :) i will probably have...
  18. paddymarsden

    What effect has been applied to this picture

    Can someone tell me what type of effect this picture has and if so are there any guides on how to do it in photoshop as i asume it was created with it. Thanks
  19. paddymarsden

    Pixar's version of Fast and Furious pretty funny :)
  20. paddymarsden

    Website with cheap Jap electronics...can anyone remember it

    Im trying to find a thread on here where someone posted a website that had Jap electronics goods like mobiles etc for decent prices, can anyone remember the thread or the website ? cheers!