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  1. MaxK11C

    Anyone struggling with a radio code?

    Good evening Sports Club, Noticing the growing amount of radio code threads I am desperate to find a solution! I have found this online, has anyone tried it? Please let me know!
  2. MaxK11C

    Max's 2003 BX1 Cadbury Blue 1.0 - Another one?! "Kerry"

    Here we go again!! Hi everyone, I'm sure most of you know me by now but for those who don't, hi, I'm Max. I'm 21, and living in Oxfordshire. I have had multiple Micras over the last few years, and this is my latest. Let me introduce you to Kerry, my 2003 Nissan Micra Tempest. She's a 1.0...
  3. MaxK11C

    Reading Gate meet round 3: 7th July 2018

    Good evening all; It's that time of year again! We have been meeting at this location for a number of years (this will be the third under my supervision) and is always a fantastic evening out. Last year saw us all sat in a circle in the car park, laughing and talking Micra till almost...
  4. MaxK11C

    Happy New Year Sports Club!!

    Happy New year from all of us here at the Micra Sports Club. Thank you all for your contributions to the club over the past year. We’ve had some fantastic memories as a club this year, and hopefully we can make even more in 2018! Personally I’m most looking forward to our biggest show of the...
  5. MaxK11C

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas all, It is a wonderful time of year filled with eating and drinking in excess (The latter never to be mixed with driving your Micra though!) Spending time with family and friends. Have a great day all, and stay safe! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  6. MaxK11C

    Misty - Back at it again -- MaxK11C's Mystique

    Evening all About time a got a thread up for my latest purchase, a 00' Mystique. I purchased this car on Sunday the 12th of November as my Volvo 740 was getting a little silly to run. I got a really good deal on this car, it came with a long MOT, and only 57,000 miles! Being a Mystique it's got...
  7. MaxK11C

    Reading Gate meet round 2: 15th July

    Afternoon Sports Club, over a year ago we held a meet at Reading Gate Retail park, and what a massive success it was! Now, it's time to do it all over again. When: Saturday 15th July, 7:00pm Where: Reading Gate Retail park Whether you own a Micra now, have done in the past, or want to in the...
  8. MaxK11C

    WANTED: Coilpack 1.0 K11 Gearbox

    As title, after a 1.0 gearbox from a late coilpack K11. Close to Berks as possible please.
  9. MaxK11C

    Help, why do I get bored so easily?

    Evening all Most of you know my car history! For those of you that don't I'll write it down below. I wanted to talk about boredom, and does anyone else get this way, and if so, why do you think that is? I get bored of cars usually after about a month of owning them, and I was wondering why that...
  10. MaxK11C

    Back to my roots, Max's K11C V2.0

    Evening all. Four years ago today I picked up my first car, a 2001 1.0 Micra S K11C, in Starburst silver. Four years and 18 cars later, I'm pretty much back where I started. So introducing, my 2001 1.4 Micra S K11C. I never intended on buying this, I was actually MX5 shopping at the time...
  11. MaxK11C

    Max's daily

    Been a while, thought I'd let you all see what I'm currently driving. I sold T205 ATF to Lyra, and needed a new daily. Her housemate was selling this, only 2 mins away from my house at a bargain price.# The car is a 1999 Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia in black. It's a very high spec model with four power...
  12. MaxK11C

    JAE 2016 - Official photo thread

    Couldn't wait for anyone else - So here it is! Post all your photos up from the weekend!
  13. MaxK11C

    1.3 Autotest/Road rally car

    Evening all, welcome to my advert. Nissan Micra 1.3 inspiration autotest/autosolo/fast road/track/shopping/whatever car! £600 Newbury, Berkshire It's time for a new project, so Frankie has to go. Myself and my dad built the car after buying it with a blown engine. The shell is on about 100k...
  14. MaxK11C

    Wanted: Cool wheels!

    As per title! I have around £250 (maybe a little more for the right wheels) to spend on a nice set of wheels. Must be micra fitment 14"s or 15"s only! thank you!
  15. MaxK11C

    Photos of members K13's

    There's a K11 thread, why not one of these? Just dump any pictures of your K13 here! I'll start with my favourite of mine.
  16. MaxK11C

    Max's 2013 Tekna DIG-S

    Been on the hunt for one of these rare little beauties for a while now, one finally came up locally for a decent price so I've gone and bought it. Being the Tekna, this is fully loaded with every option (bar the glass roof) and looks incredible in the pacific blue colour. The DIG-S means it's...
  17. MaxK11C

    Nissan Verita interior

    Whilst researching the Taiwanese Super March, I came across a "luxury spec" version, called the Verita. It's got a stunning stunning steering wheel, and a pretty funky interior. How many of you have seen this before? It's like a facelift Bolero, I think. I'd love to find one of these steering...
  18. MaxK11C

    Wanted: March G# stickers/badges

    As the title says really, don't like the de-stickered look on the back of my March. If you know of any for sale please let me know!!
  19. MaxK11C

    K11 dilemma

    Evening all I've just had an insurance quote through for frankie, my 1.3 autosolo car, and it's come back at the same price as N240 RAP. I'm having trouble deciding which one to insure, as I love both so much :/ I could take N240 RAP to a load of shows, and I absolutely love driving an import...
  20. MaxK11C

    K13 Finance?

    Good evening all :) I'm beginning to grow tired of my old cars failing me, those that know me know about the Clio incident - And now with warning lights on my 306, I fear the same fate. I'm about done with old cheap cars as a daily drive, and would like something new. I don't have the greatest...