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  1. RedRocket1

    1.0 Gearbox and Clutch

    Anybody got a 1.0 gearbox and clutch in good condition for sale? I'm away out just now but if you let me know i'll get back to you. Cheers(Y)
  2. RedRocket1


    Anyone able to point in the direction of a decent car alarm system but reasonable price...moneys a beast. Cheers(Y)
  3. RedRocket1

    MOT Fail

    So i failed my MOT, on a pretty good list for the cars age. But one of the failures was on emissions. I have the 4-2-1 janspeed with full system but with the 2nd cat on. I was under the impression it would pass with the cat still on. "Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast...
  4. RedRocket1


    This morning when i went out in the car, the first time i had to use the brakes the peddle wouldnt move and braking was basically useless. It only happened the first time i used them, after that they were hunky dory....just so i dont smash into anything tomorrow, anyone got ideas?
  5. RedRocket1

    Squealing Clutch

    My clutch is squealing at bite if i hold it there it will just constantly squeel. Anyone any ideas so i can get it sorted as soon as. Cheers:grinning:
  6. RedRocket1

    Blown Speaker?

    Alright Everyone, Happy New Year and all that. My problem is when i was on my way back from college today i noticed theres a bit of distortion in the one of the speakers in the parcel shelf....there aren't 6x9's...there round...cant remember the dimensions:laugh: But anyway not being much of...
  7. RedRocket1

    Planning on selling?

    Just wondering if anyone is planning on selling a decent 1.3 3 door k11 around march time? Im gonna go for another loan in february and either buy Stani's Mera GTi if its still available or buy a 1.3 if its not. Just so i know who to look for at that time and spend a bit of time checking blogs...
  8. RedRocket1

    Cat Price

    Was down at the scrappies today, had a look around found a few i said to the boy, "i'm needin the cat from a micra please"....he said "give me a price"...""£25 i said (i thought it was reasonable)"....he said "no can do mate, wont take any less than £70 because its made of a special...
  9. RedRocket1

    Cat Length

    Ive only got a couple days left at my work so im gettin all i can get out of it, what im needing is the full length of the cat on the exhaust. My plan is to cut off the flanges and weld a pipe in between. Or if that ####s up just make new ones. I need the length because om making it 2" shorter...
  10. RedRocket1

    Possible Fueling Problem?

    When starting my car up in the morning or left for about an hour then turned on again, i need to pump the accelerator to get the engine going....without doin this the engine takes ages to start up. Also after starting up with the accelerator, theres the obvious revs but then it sounds like its...
  11. RedRocket1


    So im planning on making a pipe to replace the cat...and im gonna make it outta stainless so im wondering if anyone knows all the exact dimensions of the flanges and pitches of the holes on the flanges on the cat. Also the length of the cat as i need to make it 2 inch shorter. I would check...
  12. RedRocket1

    How to tell

    Is there anyway of telling if a k11 is a 1.0 or a 1.3 without knowing the model. Like im looking at a micra on Gumtree but the guy doesnt say if its a 1.0 or 1.3. I noticed it has windy windows...and every 1.3 ive seen so far has electric ones. Yes?...No? (Y)
  13. RedRocket1

    Bank Loans

    Basically in February i took out a £2000 loan to buy a civic and stuff but then that didnt happen so i ended up spending all the money. But anyway i think ive been blacklisted from my bank because i constantly dont have enough for the monthly payments...theres never been a case where its not...
  14. RedRocket1

    For Mechanical Engineers

    Today, randomly, one of our CNC milling machines in the work started acting funny. Its only a Proto Trak MX3 so just simple co-ordinate a simple version of a proper CNC. But anyway...its started puting random arcs on the ends of jobs i.e say i wrote a program to do a simple...
  15. RedRocket1

    The Rocket Is Back Up!! (QUICK!!)

    Right my micra is back up for sale as ive found a 1.3 in my area thats frickin perfect!! But the guy says he doesnt want to keep it past this weekend. And ive spent all my money already. So for a 34,000 genuine miles micra...£700 Surely.
  16. RedRocket1

    Standard Cat

    While me n stani were sorting the exhaust, noticed i had the standard cat still on...didnt even know. Now...getting the janspeed cat, will that give me the best performance from the system, Or... I can make a straight pipe in the work to replace the cat coz i heard (on here i think) that even...
  17. RedRocket1

    Red Rocket For Sale £750

    Regrettably due to being paid off im gonna have to sell up to clear my debts. Its a k11 GX 5 Door Only done 34,000 miles If it ran any better it would be a Lambo:p Janspeed 4-2-1 Mani with full system been fitted Induction Kit JVC head Unit, In Phase door speakers and Fli speakers in the parcel...
  18. RedRocket1

    New Job

    Well i found out on wednesday that i'm getting paid off from my engineering firm. Luckily though im getting my lines so it means that as of october i'll be a time served the age of 19(Y) But anyway, the missus' dad says hes got a mechanic job lined up for me from one of his mates...
  19. RedRocket1


    Ever since i passed my test a year ago ive noticed that cars perform better on different days. I dont know if its an obvious answer but today driving home from work, my speakers were working better, the car was accelerating alot better and handling was smoother. But when i drove it to work this...
  20. RedRocket1

    What do I need?

    Im gonna colour code the car within the next month...the mirrors and handles an bumpers. Just wondering is it just the usual primer, nissan red, then laquer. I know how to do it just dont know what i need to do it...wierdly:p Cheers(Y)