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  1. RedRocket1

    Mikey's micra

    So are we getting to play with the SR Mike or you wantin to keep it standard? :down:
  2. RedRocket1

    Turning 18 what to do

    Sex, Alcohol and a black eye, in that order....the way every day should be spent, not just your 18th. Get the boys and go on a lads weekend, #### exams. Just get a trade ;)
  3. RedRocket1

    1.0 Gearbox and Clutch

    Anyone?...mines are on the way out.
  4. RedRocket1

    1.0 Gearbox and Clutch

    Anybody got a 1.0 gearbox and clutch in good condition for sale? I'm away out just now but if you let me know i'll get back to you. Cheers(Y)
  5. RedRocket1

    how many scottish members left?

    Im a disgrace to the micra world, shouldnt even be called a member. I havent done anything to the rocket in ages...i even failed at buying Greigs 1.3 engine. But i might have a black super s soon :o
  6. RedRocket1


    Anyone able to point in the direction of a decent car alarm system but reasonable price...moneys a beast. Cheers(Y)
  7. RedRocket1

    Corsa drivers D:

    Being a rehabilitated Corsa driver i can fairly say... I drove like an idiot, nearly killed my mates i was that bad. Corsas are so common its pointless even paying attention to them. Corsas and Saxos in dundee...there like the Polish, all over the place. I Love My Micra...
  8. RedRocket1

    write off!!!!!! :( parts anyone???

    I'll take the gearbox providing its got good miles and its in good nic. Cheers ;)
  9. RedRocket1

    Mot Fail Help!!!!

    Let us know how you get on mike.
  10. RedRocket1

    Where to start on doing up car?!

    Best thing ive done so far was got the 4-2-1 janspeed on my 1.0, but thats so shortly on my way to 1.3 Epicness. Insurance will #### you over either way...might as well have some fun. You stay classy San Diego;)
  11. RedRocket1

    Mot Fail Help!!!!

    Stani the Mani. Offside came off fairly easy, nearside was stuck on. Took some prying to get off.
  12. RedRocket1

    Mot Fail Help!!!!

    The thing is i need them by at least sunday...morning. So its a bit risky buying off ebay, im gonna try nissan first see if there any quicker.
  13. RedRocket1

    Mot Fail Help!!!!

    Right i'm on the case :D
  14. RedRocket1

    MOT Fail

    Nah i couldnt get out of work mate, im gonna take tomorrow off if you wanta get these beasts legal haha. My rust spots are on rear sills and rear arches but hardly any....just enough for the guy to point it out. Well im thinking im gonna put on the 1st cat (with the help of Magic Mikey) and...
  15. RedRocket1

    MOT Fail

    Well i might as well just put on the standard exhaust back on. Gives me a chance to hack the janspeed up to get it to the right length anyway. I just thought it would be ok with the 2nd one on but obviously not, ######in global warming!!
  16. RedRocket1

    MOT Fail

    I'm not sure mate. When i went and picked the car up, the guy said that it was running a little rich.
  17. RedRocket1

    MOT Fail

    So i failed my MOT, on a pretty good list for the cars age. But one of the failures was on emissions. I have the 4-2-1 janspeed with full system but with the 2nd cat on. I was under the impression it would pass with the cat still on. "Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast...
  18. RedRocket1

    k11 white super s go fast parts

    Damn i coulda done with that engine :(
  19. RedRocket1


    So just take it easy for the first little while (not that im hittin 30 straight away) and eventually alls well. #### its just started snowing.
  20. RedRocket1


    the engine had been running a good 5 minutes. Weathers not that bad up here...just unbelievably cold. It was frightning coz my car wouldnt slow at all. This has happened before but i had been driving for a while, same again it happened once and then it was fine again. New brakes perhaps?