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  1. davidxzy

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Replaced the micra k13's nearside control arm, part : Borg & Beck BCA7131 Suspension Arm Front LH .
  2. davidxzy

    Photos of members K13's

    Had this one a year.
  3. davidxzy

    Passenger side electric window stopped working

    I had that problem. In my case, a small spring inside had dislodged and was jamming the switch. I just removed the spring and the window works now without the spring. Or, you could try a new switch, about £5 on fleabay or try your local car breaker.
  4. davidxzy

    k13 fuse box question

    Does anyone know what the black plastic thing does inside the fuse box (circled in red below). I noticed it can be pushed in or pulled out, but what is it for? UPDATE: I just found out what it's for. It an extended storage switch. Quoting from another forum...
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  7. davidxzy

    Obd power memory savers

    I think you can but people go wrong when they plug the memory saver into the obd and then accidentally let the crocodile clips touch each other. Update: After trying it myself, it didn't work. I used this bluepoint one: I connected it to the obd port and used a small 12v battery as the...
  8. davidxzy

    3 warning lights on Micra Dig-S 2011

    The red light is the Brake warning light. The orange light is the eVehicle DynamicControl (VDC) OFFindicator light. The yellow light is the Slip indicator light.
  9. davidxzy

    Passenger electric window switch not working [solved]

    The passenger electric window stopped working. I completely disassembled the switch and cleaned it, but in the process I noticed a small spring inside. I could not figure out where it came from, so I tried it without the spring and it's working great. I think the spring was snagging the...
  10. davidxzy

    Average miles per gallon display eratic after battery change

    I'm just getting used a k13 after having a k11. The average miles per gallon was showing a steady 40mpg, but I changed the battery yesterday and it went to zero and now it's changing frequently, showing 60mpg, then 24mpg and then zero when stopping the car. Is this just the ECU learning again...
  11. davidxzy

    Be careful with this newer type of bosch battery S4001 S4 063

    I got this battery for my k13 and it's much lighter and cheaper in construction than my previous bosch batteries. Notice where the handle folds down. Normally there is a square plastic bit there that makes it hard to accidentally connect a spanner across the terminals. Now that the plastic...
  12. davidxzy

    Lower front arms

    Can I have the link to the source. My lower front arms were advisories during the last MOT. I'd rather by bushes than the whole arm.
  13. davidxzy

    RADio code

    I bought a second hand micra k13 with no radio code and it needs a new battery. I took the panel off and the numbers from top to bottom on the radio are: 28185 1HAOA PN-3201M-B serial number CL0930B9052837 Any help would be appreciated. Update: after a lot of searching I found a program...
  14. davidxzy

    Saying goodbye to my K11.

    I'll be going over the k13 I got recently with a fine tooth comb. Yes, carpets can be damp for years due to a small leak somewhere and you only know about it when a rotten hole appears underneath.
  15. davidxzy

    Rear wheel askew, bent axle?

    That's exactly what the wheel looks like. I think the car was t-boned. I gather it can't be fixed. I canceled the deal and got another micra from a different branch. It looks okay.
  16. davidxzy

    Rear wheel askew, bent axle?

    I checked out a used car at arnold sharks today. I noticed masking tape on the inside edge of the rear nearside door and the door itself was a slightly different shade of white compared to the rest of the car. I also noticed the rear offside wheel looked slightly askew (see photo). My...
  17. davidxzy

    Saying goodbye to my K11.

    I have had lots of MOTs from the same guy with very few advisories. I was begining to wonder about that.
  18. davidxzy

    Saying goodbye to my K11.

    In my heart, I want to fix it, but the car is parked on a main road and that's where I have to work on it. It's too much work to take all my gear out to the car and back in again at the end of the day. Plus there is the risk of injuring someone walking past while welding or doing other things.