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  1. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    Anyone in Leicester????

    Be so kind to check out the condition of a car I've seen advertised? Many thanks Jay
  2. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    Urgent airbag help!!!

    Hey, just wondered if anybody knew a way to switch off the passenger airbag in an '03 K12. Have a friend who needs to disable it so they can carry their child in the front passenger seat.... Any help much appreciated as she is only around for another couple of hours Thanks in advance Jay
  3. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    HoodedReapers K11 on CCUK

    This came up in a thread on Celica Forums, Guy from near here has apparantly set up a blog on Cruise Derby with a mods thread on this K11, identical to Hooded Reapers?? Reckon this guy is stealing credit for all his hard work...
  4. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    SR20DET projects.....

    After not visiting the MSC for a while due to me now owning a Celica i wondered how many if any of the 2.0 SR20DET projects are still around or have been completed? In a few months a lad i know is going to do this conversion with the 4WD system too on a K11, can't wait for him to get it...
  5. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    Grab a bargain!!!!!

    10 mins left here..... Micra Bargain
  6. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    Sky Insurance

    Okay so been using Sky Insurance for about 3 years now, only this year they are royally screwing me over! All mods mentioned before i took the policy out as there are only 3 and are difficult to forget, now 2 months into the policy i receive a letter saying that i owe them £35 for the induction...
  7. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    Moderators.....Where do I stand?

    My membership is due to run out shortly and unfortunately i won't be renewing as a paid up member. Now I have some items up for sale on the Buy and Sell section and wondered where i will stand on keeping these on here once the membership is up? Jay
  8. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S K11 Universal electric window kit

    I'm sure this is a universal kit so should fit any of your micras but i had this fitted to a K11. Comes with all wiring and 2 switches which i had fitted to the gear stick surround
  9. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S Black and Blue gear knob

    This cost me £20 when i bought it, only had it on for a few months so it's as good as new. £7.50 posted!
  10. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S K11 Smoothed Super S bumper with mesh

    Everyone knows what these are..... few slight scuffs from being transported but will be fine if you are respraying. Forgot to get new pics of this also so heres some from when it was fitted to my micra.... Sure i have the splitter knocking around too so will chuck that in for an extra fiver :)
  11. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S K11 False Floor

    False floor for the K11 in good condition no rips or burns anywhere. Also have a false back seat thing to go with this to hide amps and subs, forgot to get pics of this so check my blog! Collection only
  12. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S K11 Sports Wheel and Boss

    Sports steering wheel and boss for sale, this was one of my favourite mods for my micra! The black bit next to it is for the horn, which i will put back in before sale!
  13. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S CG13 Cams

    Nice mod for those 1.0s looking for more power. Decent cams from a 1.3 CG13
  14. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S K11 Door Mirrors

    Standard door mirrors, ideal for colour coding, few slight scratches but nothing deep.
  15. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S K11 Tinted rear lights

    Tinted rear lights for sale, slight scuff on one light but barely noticeable. Comes with bulbs and holders
  16. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    F/S K11 Blue leather interior

    Set of door cards and rear quarters with speaker pods for a 3dr and parcel shelf all trimmed by myself in blue leather. Open to offers.... Collection only
  17. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    March Tail Lights and Numberplate nipples F/S

    F/S K11 March Tail Lights and Numberplate nipples I have a set of march tail lights with bulb holders, some wiring and bulbs. Also have a pair of the number plate light nipples also with some wiring and bulbs. Both are in excellent condition.... the black on the lights is just some of the...
  18. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    March K11 Goodies

    EDIT: Lights and nipples now sold pending payment, are there any other bits anyone wants me to try get for them when i go back saturday? Managed to get hold of a couple of bits from a March at the weekend as i thought some of you guys would be interested! Got the march tail lights, Number...
  19. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    K11 JDM dash tray/cup holder

    Now on ebay 99p starting price! JDM Dashtray
  20. Primal_Concrete_Micra

    Moving vehicle without shocks or springs

    As the title suggests is this possible/safe, only gonna be moving it about a mile or so. Need to get her stripped but the shell has to come back to mine after the weekend as there is very little space up there still. Anyone have any experience of this and how unsafe it may be? If its a big no...