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  1. davidxzy

    k13 fuse box question

    Does anyone know what the black plastic thing does inside the fuse box (circled in red below). I noticed it can be pushed in or pulled out, but what is it for? UPDATE: I just found out what it's for. It an extended storage switch. Quoting from another forum...
  2. davidxzy

    Passenger electric window switch not working [solved]

    The passenger electric window stopped working. I completely disassembled the switch and cleaned it, but in the process I noticed a small spring inside. I could not figure out where it came from, so I tried it without the spring and it's working great. I think the spring was snagging the...
  3. davidxzy

    Average miles per gallon display eratic after battery change

    I'm just getting used a k13 after having a k11. The average miles per gallon was showing a steady 40mpg, but I changed the battery yesterday and it went to zero and now it's changing frequently, showing 60mpg, then 24mpg and then zero when stopping the car. Is this just the ECU learning again...
  4. davidxzy

    Be careful with this newer type of bosch battery S4001 S4 063

    I got this battery for my k13 and it's much lighter and cheaper in construction than my previous bosch batteries. Notice where the handle folds down. Normally there is a square plastic bit there that makes it hard to accidentally connect a spanner across the terminals. Now that the plastic...
  5. davidxzy

    Rear wheel askew, bent axle?

    I checked out a used car at arnold sharks today. I noticed masking tape on the inside edge of the rear nearside door and the door itself was a slightly different shade of white compared to the rest of the car. I also noticed the rear offside wheel looked slightly askew (see photo). My...
  6. davidxzy

    Saying goodbye to my K11.

    The trailing arm brackets, panhard rod mount, and axle chassis mounts are all dangerously corroded. They must have put tons of salt on the roads during the last Scottish winter. Plus the bushes rubbing on the metal made them thinner. I asked my local garage if they would weld it up and they...
  7. davidxzy

    Passed the new MOT

    My micra 2002 passed the new MOT yesterday. I did a lot of welding on the sills. I think I will get rid of it next year as the sills are constantly rotting away. The tester said the axle is beginning to look a bit rough but no holes yet. I can't be bothered fixing the car anymore as I live...
  8. davidxzy

    How to remove top strut nuts?

    I tried to remove a front strut today and could not move the 2 top nuts that hold the strut onto the car body. The nuts seem to be made of soft material and are not rusted, they just seem to be as tight as hell. Any ideas?
  9. davidxzy

    size of front brake banjo bolt and rear brake drum bleed screw?

    I need to replace both front brake hoses for MOT as the ferrules are badly corroded and the rear bleed screws need replaced. I'm guessing the banjo bolt is m10 x 1.0mm and the rear brake drum bleeder screw is m8 x 1.25mm. Can anyone confirm? update: running out of time before MOT, so ordered...
  10. davidxzy

    New crossmember, does it have to be welded?

    I spent most of today drilling out the spot welds on the k11's badly rusted crossmember. I have bolted the new one on and I am wondering if it is necessary for MOT purposes to put plug welds approximately where the original spot welds were? update: Never mind, welded it this morning (welds...
  11. davidxzy

    Rear coil spring upper seat corroded

    Looks like my k11 won't pass its MOT this time because the rear spring seat is corroded. It was an MOT advisory last year. The photo below was taken just after the last MOT a year ago. Is it possible to buy a new seat and weld it in? Or, how hard would it be to make one like it? I've seen...
  12. davidxzy

    hole in nearside rear sill, MOT

    Just found a hole in my k11 nearside rear sill and close to MOT day. I am thinking about welding a patch over it, but I am wondering if the patch has to be plug welded to the part of the sill where the inner/outer sills are pinched. Or can I just weld the patch in.
  13. davidxzy

    Don't know what this MOT advisory means

    -nearside rear (just passes) suspension spring mounting prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive. Not sure what this MOT means. On the micra there is a large spring and also a smaller shock absorber. Any ideas which part the advisory is referring to?
  14. davidxzy

    MOT advisory - rear axle and suspension arms covered in thick underseal

    The micra passed its MOT today with these advisories: -nearside rear (just passes) suspension spring mounting prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive. -nearside front macpherson strut corroded but not seriously weakened. -offside front (just passes) macpherson strut corroded...
  15. davidxzy

    Which trolley jack to buy?

    It's that time again when I have to prepare the micra for the MOT. I am looking for a good trolley jack that won't break after using it a few times. I bought one from aldi for £10 that went down by itself. My uncle had a halfords one that leaked. It seems that trolley jacks are mostly crap...
  16. davidxzy

    Microstar OC218 Oil Filter

    Asked my local motor factor for an oil filter today for my nissan micra 2002. Before I had a champion c141. This time I got a cheaper Microstar OC218 oil filter made in austria. I haven't opened the box yet, just wondered if anyone knows if this will fit as I can't find anything online about it.
  17. davidxzy

    abs cv joint on non-abs k11

    Due to bad preparation, I ended up putting 2 new abs cv joints on my non-abs k11. The nearside seems okay but the offside one completely locked the wheel when I tightened up the hub nut at first. I tried driving a few miles and it eased the problem. When I first drove the car with the new cv...
  18. davidxzy

    How to remove brake pipe plastic clip

    I'm trying to renew the rear nearside brake pipe and when I got under the car, I noticed that about 4 pipes are bound together (near bias valve) with some kind of plastic clip that seems impossible to come off. Is it a case of using a dremel tool to cut it off and make a new one?
  19. davidxzy

    I need a mechanic, Renfrewshire area

    I need someone in the Renfrewshire or Glasgow area to help me fix up my k11 micra for an MOT. At least one driveshaft needs replacing and the nearside rear brake pipe. I will buy most of the parts myself. My car is usually parked on the main street which has a slight slope to it and this...
  20. davidxzy

    K11 what type of brake flare?

    Anyone know for sure what the k11 brake flare is (double, single, sae, din, whatever)? And what size?