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    Whats the difference between 2210099B04 and 2210099B0A does anybody know? The second one's price 1000+€ the first is half price.I have a micra k11 1.3 cg13de which one should i choose? Sent from my ZTE Blade V10 Vita using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Distributor problem

    Hi guys,i have 1998 1.3 k11 and the problem started before 4 years when the original disturbitor broke down and i replaced it with a new one and until now every year after the distributor warranty ends, every distributor the mechanic has changed it breaks down.And now before three days it...
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    Temperature and rpm problem micra k11

    when i drive with around 3000-3500 rpm and more the car's temperature goes up and when the car is idle the rpms go around 1800-2000 i have changed the thermostat before 2 days and i saw a great difference but today when i drove like i said with 3500 rpm the temperature and rpm went up but after...
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    heater matrix problem

    I wanted to replace heater matrix and i managed to remove the dashboardand i wanted to ask you if heater matrix is in that box and how to pull the box out because i have unscrewed all the bolts thats upon it and still i cant pull it.Sorry for my english i am from Greece.