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    Turbo 1.3 K11 interest

    Hi Is this still available? i am interested. I've pmd you too pal Thanks Shaf
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    1.3 engine wanted

    I've got a CG10 Engine that's done 60,000 Miles. Engine is all complete. If you want a 1.0 then get in touch. Engine came out of a working car so i know it runs perfect.
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    Pre facelift rear bumper

    Pmd you
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    Pre facelift tacho

    Hi I have a K11 Super s tacho. Pm me if you want it. Shaf
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    nissan micra super s

    I bought my old K11 Super S off Evofrenzy. Car was as described and he really is a genuine guy to deal with. I would encourage any one who is seriously intersted to make their way down. I can assure you, you wont be messed around. GLWS Buddy.
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    Thinking of selling my car

    I'm interested, PM me your price?
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    1.2 cylinder head

    txt you pal.
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    WTD-Rev Counter Dials-Pre Facelift

    I've got k11 super s ones. PM me.
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    WTD-Rev Counter Dials-Pre Facelift

    I've got k11 super s ones. PM me.
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    F/S: Super sport /sr front and rear bumper with wrap around spoiler

    Is the price right? £1000?
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    Wanted: K10 Super S tacho or complete dials!

    I've got one. Pm me :)
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    Member's eBay Finds

    MICRA K10, This little gem has only done 3,000 Miles from new. Yes 3,000!! :p This is truly a one off.
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    bluebird engine?

    are you on about the 1.8 turbo zx?
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    FOR SALE: 1989 F-Reg Nissan Micra LS (K10 - Late Mark1)

    So tempting this. and i've got 2 K10 engines at home. Hmm... :D
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    The rears are coilovers. fronts are shocks & springs.
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    1.2 cylinder head

    I have a dave walker gass track engine. If anyone wants £150 pick up. I'm just havingg a clearout so it's no good to me as I've sold all my k10's :( I also have a 1.2 painted yellow, with balck rocker and gold bolts. Was going to put it in my k10, but as you know I've sold the k10. So that's no...
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    1993 Nissan Micra Super S - Mikey Mk2

    They'll poke out by 2mm If I'm correct
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    A new begining. Bike carbed Super S.

    Scott, that button is for the anti hijack feature of the alarm. I don't know the code. Don't press it lol.
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    Wanted k10 micra bumpers and ma12 engine and 4-1 manifold

    Pm'd you. I've got the parts.