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  1. karlj


    so lets dig up this old thread. Charlie is still with me but is in need of some tlc, booked tickets for JAE this year so will have to pull my finger out.
  2. karlj


    Pick these up locally about time I changed the wheels Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. karlj

    Membership ID cards

    You don't need a membership card to come to jae, put your name down in the thread and buy a weekend ticket Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. karlj


    Had an accident Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. karlj

    JAE 2017 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Not in a jap car since passing my test and I don't like the idea of parking in the public car park for four days
  6. karlj

    JAE 2017 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Potentially giving it a miss this year
  7. karlj


    Failed mot on a headlight and washer jet.. put in for retest and have another year
  8. karlj

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Failed my mot... headlight and washer jet ffs
  9. karlj


    That time of the year again... mot tomorrow
  10. karlj

    K10 no.2

    Well this one will have been tin cans several times over but what does that matter when number 3 is hopefully being dumped in my garage soon
  11. karlj


    Starting a new job next week and won't be needing a car so Charlie will most likely end up back in the garage for quite some time
  12. karlj


    A local club had a dyno day at the weekend so thought I'd chuck Charlie on to see where were at... not bad for just a frankspeed mani and GA16 airbox Sent from my HTC One M8s using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  13. karlj

    sr20 k12

    Don't think so Adam but will be interested in the build (and gt parts) regardless
  14. karlj

    JAE 2016 - Official photo thread

    Password for download is JAE2016
  15. karlj

    JAE 2016 - Official photo thread

    I have the same issue Chloe
  16. karlj

    Remote Boot/Petrol Mechanism

    I have everything but the boot catch, heading to scrappy again tomorrow to try and get one
  17. karlj

    Looking for build advice ?

    If you lack experience then just swap your current 1.0 for either a cg13 or cga3 (depending on your ignition type)
  18. karlj

    K10 for sale

    11 year old thread
  19. karlj

    motorway driving on a 4 speed 1l ???

    Not really, both my old k10's handled motorway speed no problems