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    Brembo Brake Discs

    Yes, but it's not just the discs that make the difference... Ferodo also makes drilled discs that go along with the stock calipers. But the piston size of the march calipers is slightly bigger, 3mm I believe... and I think this might also improve braking performance.
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    Happy new year- Now a member

    Weitec also produces a spring distance kit for the back of the k10. There is less room in the rear aches then in the front, and some people experience rubbing of the tires when the car is lowered. with this spring distance kit, you can give your tires more room :) btw, anyone ever seen...
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    Fastest Proven NA Micra Rolling Road Results! 94.5bhp/ 88.8lbft @6011rpm #See Photos#

    I was just wondering, you have piper cams and the head is skimmed 50thou (suppose that's 0.5mm, right ?) Can the engine handle this higher compression ratio for every day use ? I believe quickie tried something like this once and he ended up with smashed central release bearings...
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    what engine do you think i should put in

    I'd go for the 1.6 carb engine, you can get plenty of power out of it if tuned properly. Or you could get a 1.5 turbo like umar has :p they really rock !
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    Dan's k10 Micra body kit. NOW £200 starting price!!!

    Is this kit still for sale and can it be shipped to belgium ? I would LOVE to have this kit but I missed the auction !!
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    Micra man's car bodywork and general update 2...

    OMG ! After all this money, time and effort spent, you're giving up and stripping the car ? What happened to the "I'll do it all myself" thought ? So uk's most modified micra will still be... kev's old car ? At least he finished the job... No offence mate, but I think you will regret...
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    interior mods

    Here you go I think micra man's old interior is by far the best i've ever seen (pic with the blue bucket seats) .
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    K11 vs Swift GTI

    And how about a k10 with modified cg13 engine ? It would have a weight advantage right ? Arnold, how's that car of yours coming along :p ? It just depends on so many things: horse power, torque, wheel size, weight, driving skills, gear ratio's, ... I guess it's pretty much impossible...
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    K11 vs Swift GTI

    I'll give mulbers a chance. A decent modified ma12 engine could reach about 90bhp @ wheels as seen on bobsp16's car. And it clearly has a weight advantage. I'll tell you what, If mulbers doesn't beat you, I'll take my lazy ass over to england next year to prove you wrong in a k10 ma12 (don't...
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    Weber carb

    Pietro, how is that twin weber 36 setup of yours ? Any starting problems ? Does the car need to heat up before you leave, or is it the same as before ? And how about idle speeds, did you get it set up properly ? Does the engine keep running ? Really interested in this :suspect: Thanks...
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    Weber carb

    Hi, I have a clio1 1.4 rt standing in the yard that I am breaking... It has a weber 32 drtm carb, which I could adjust so it would fit my ma10 :p BUT it is quite some work, and I would like to know what you guys think of this ? My main concern is, will I be able to set it up properly (idle...
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    K10 Super S bits / dials / Remus Exhaust / Gearbox for sale

    Hey, you got a cg13 in the red k10 now ? :p
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    White k10 on ebay

    It has a foah top spoiler, rear bumper I've never seen and some kind of foah skirts. It also has super s alloys, need to be refurbished. Perhaps one to strip for parts ? It's a real bargain :p...
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    Wheel Trim Colour?

    I'd say, spray the wheels like mat T did, they look oldschool and very nice (Y)
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    Delta kit

    Weren't those off a jap style k11 ? I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find them over here... The piston size is 48mm, while the stock k10 ones are 45mm, perhaps that's why they bite harder . Ne1LL.
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    Breakerpoints gap, '88 Micra 1.0 GL (K10)

    I have one with breakerpoints too. The gap should be 0.4mm. Ne1LL.
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    Delta kit

    Thanks, I had a look on the site, the skirts are available seperatly, but can't seem to find the spoiler anymore. Btw arnold, do you know where speedle got those calipers ?
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    Delta kit

    Hi, I was just wondering, can the delta kit be bought in parts too ? because I really like the roofspoiler and the skirts, but the front bumper is just plain ugly imo. Also, does anyone know where to get a hold on march k11 front calipers like the ones arnold has ? The piston diameter is...
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    SuperS body kit on early model question

    Well, not true actually. I have a pre facelift 1987 dx with a 1991 super s kit on it. The bumpers are a straight fit, however if u want the grille too, you also need to change the headlights and bonnet. And the super s bumper does have 2 screws at the side, while the old one only has one, but...
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    MA10 vs MA12 + exhaust vs. performance carb vs. inlet manifold...

    Well, that's another carb wasted lol :p Didn't work out. How about that carb bobsp16 ? which one is it ?