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  1. Smc92

    K11 Super S

    Hi guys I sold my Micra a few years ago now and although I love my car now, I miss the Micra and I never got chance to do what I wanted to do with my old one. So I would like a k11 super s (preferably) for a new project. Im not overly fussed on the condtion as it will be a project for me, the...
  2. Smc92

    F/S: F/S Badboy Bonnet, Induction Kit, Mudflaps, Towbar, Backbox, Wrap around spoiler

    Item: F/S Badboy Bonnet, Induction Kit, Mudflaps, Towbar, Backbox, Wrap around spoiler Location: Bradford Condition: Used Reason for selling: Price: 0 I have recently had my micra scrapped and I have a few bits and bats that I are just clogging up my garage at the moment. I have a...
  3. Smc92

    F/S: Breaking/Selling K11 1tr

    Item: Breaking/Selling K11 1tr Location: Bradford Condition: used Reason for selling: Price: 200 Hey guys, I am either breaking or selling my green 1995 micra with 110k I did have a bump in it back in september which i sorted out, but the front end is now primer grey because i never...
  4. Smc92

    K11 Towbar

    Hey, I bought two towbars off ebay (they came together) and one is used and the other is brand new. So im selling the brand new one, it comes with all the nuts and bolts. It doesn't come with the actual tow hook part but the fixture that bolts onto the car is all there, also no electrics with...
  5. Smc92

    My Badboy Bonnet On The Car

    Well me and the step dad started making this a while ago but struggled to find the time but today i decided it was getting finished. So we finished welding it and drilled out the old bolts that had snapped in it, we then bolted it onto the car and slowly closed it (expecting it to hit the...
  6. Smc92

    FS : Stock BackBox, Rear Section and 2nd Cat

    Not in any rush to sell these but there just being wasted in my garage so might as well sell, if anyone is interested ill take pics Thanks, Scott.
  7. Smc92

    BadBoy Bonnet

    Hi, so as I went to the scrapyard I decided to get a bonnet and have a go at making it into a badboy bonnet. So this thread is just a little progress report as i go along with it. Below is the progress of it so far, This is the Bonnet as I bought it (very similar shade to mine) This is the...
  8. Smc92

    Decent Fast Road Clutches

    Would anyone recommend a fast road clutch they have owned, need to look for a decent one seeing as mine has almost burnt out today Cheers guys
  9. Smc92

    Silicone rad kit?

    Does anywhere sell silicone radiator hose kits for k11 I have looked about but can't find any, guess I could buy them individually but would prefer it if there was a kit that I could buy, cheers :)
  10. Smc92

    WTD: Garage Workbench

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has one they dont need anymore or a spare one that they would be willing to sell. Cheers Guys
  11. Smc92

    WTD: Deep Dish Steelies

    Hey guys, im just wondering if anyone could tell me where i can buy like deep dish steelies, i have been looking but cant really find any. Cheers, Scott.
  12. Smc92

    Respray or not?

    Just wanting some input really, i dont know whether to keep it the green that it is now, which i like cos its relatively unique, or should i get a respray? I think if i was to respray it i would want it primer gray i think, what do you guys think?
  13. Smc92


    I lowered my car by 35mm the other day, and it really isnt low enough at all :/ do they drop a bit more once they have settled? or am i going to have to buy some 50mm springs, or maybe 60mm or whatever is available?
  14. Smc92

    Micra Mudflaps

    Hey guys is anyone selling the mudflaps that have micra written in white on them? Im looking for some to stick on mine. :)
  15. Smc92

    Making a strut brace

    Hey guys, im going to have a go at making myself a strut brace at my girlfriends dads workshop somepoint next week, so i was just wondering if anyone knows what pcd the holes are around the strut that the strut brace needs to bolt onto? just thought i would ask in case someone has them handy so...
  16. Smc92

    loss of power in 3rd gear?

    Im just looking for a bit of advice on this really, when im in 2nd gear it feels quite powerful and pulls really well, then i get into 3rd and it goes alright then at around 4k RPM it feels like its lagging a bit, then picks up again, im not sure if that makes sense but what could this be, it...
  17. Smc92

    Help with diagnosis of...

    right guys, im really struggling with this one, when i drive my car it feels like a wheel could be buckled, but there is like a creaking sort of noise, when i set off and brake (sometimes when i go down little bumps in the road aswell), i jacked my car up and spun the wheel and tried rocking it...
  18. Smc92

    Suggestion on decent shocks?

    Hey guys, basically the shock absorbers on my car are absolutely shot, wouldnt suprise me if they were 16 years old to be honest, but anyway, im just wondering what do you guys suggest are some decent shocks front and back to buy, im looking for some decent ones that will go with the 30mm...
  19. Smc92

    Where to find these fog lights?

    Hey guys, i was looking through blogs and i came across micra oli's blog, and on one of his photos which ill put a link to at the bottom shows some fog lights, well im just wondering if anyone knows what they are called and where i can find them? Cheers
  20. Smc92


    Im wanting some alloys/steels, it doesnt really matter which i just need some that are not buckled, im not looking to spend loads on my wheels at the moment, but if someone is fairly local and are offering a fair price for 4 (preferably with tyres) ill snap them up Thanks, Scott